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International students who are coming for a three months term or more, must obtain a Student Visa – A/2. Students who are attending a program that is shorter than three months can use a Tourist Visa – B/2. For more information about the process, please visit the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.

Students must have a visa issued before arriving  in Israel. Please be advised that it is the students’ responsibility to apply and manage this process, however, the CLB International programs office will be happy to assist with any problem that may occur.



There are many rented apartments in the area that range between 400 – 650 USD. The International Programs office team will be happy to advise should it be needed.



Public transportation in Israel is a relatively efficient method.Typically, the most convenient method for intercity travel is the Israel Railways train, while the bus is typically preferred for travel within a city but does travel throughout Israel.

The Israel Railways service provides transport to most major cities. To view the timetables and routes visit: Israel Railways offers a “student” ticket for a lower fee with your student ID at the cashier.

An electronic “Rav-Kav” card is used on the bus\train. Look for a “Rav Kav” stand Your card needs to be charged before using bus transportation.

Students receive a 33% discount on rides with a valid student card.  In addition to the student discount, there are multiple other reduced options such as a monthly, semester or yearly pass.


Health Insurance

International students are required to purchase a comprehensive health insurance coverage for all while in Israel.

You can purchase insurance on your own or via a local agency, The Harel Insurance company are  experts in providing health insurance for international students with an extensive insurance plan.


Financial Aid

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