The College of Law and Business is encouraging you to check the financial aid options, and to consult with the international office to find scholarships which fits to your status.


Registration Scholarships

  • Applicants with previous degrees
  • Grade based scholarship
  • Veterans
  • Human Rights Division Scholarship
  • Additional discount


Students Scholarship

  • Based need scholarship
  • Excellence scholarship
  • “Psagot”Education for Excellence association
  • Perach – Mentoring project
  • Human Rights Division Scholarship


Student Loans

  • The Tuition Foundation
  • The Magbit Foundation of Greater Los Angeles


Registration Scholarships

Candidates can receive only one scholarships which the CLB is granting.

Applicants with a previous degreesAmount
Candidates who holds a first degree15% per year
Candidates who holds a second degree30% per year
Candidates who holds a third degree50% per year

Grade based scholarship*

Israeli high school diploma (Bagrot) or an equivalent diploma
Average of 100+ or equivalent20% first year*
Average of 90-99.9 or equivalent2000NIS first year*

Psychometric, SAT or equivalent exam grade

650 or equivalent30% first year*
651-700 or equivalent50% first year*
701+ or equivalent100% first year*

* The continuation of the grade based scholarship for the advances years, is stipulated with an average above 90+ in the academic studies.

Human Rights Division Scholarship10,000NIS per year**
Applicant must present Human Rights activities in his CV,

and hold an interview with the head of the division.

For details about the Human Rights Division and the scholarship project,

as well as the application form for the scholarship, please read the information

(Hebrew) or contact the International Office.

**Up to 3 years.


Veterans10,000NIS total
up to 3 years from their released from duty


Ramat-Gan Residences


3,500-7,000NIS per year
Ashdod Residences6,500 NIS per year


Additional Discount

Additional discount from the final tuition will be granted in the following cases:

Cash payment for the total tuition by the end of October of the study year  2%
First Degree relative (married spouse, siblings, parents, children) are currently study at CLB  8%


Students Scholarship

  • Based need scholarship
  • Excellence scholarship
  • “Psagot” Education for Excellence association
  • Perach Mentoring project


Based need scholarship

Awarded based on the applicant’s background and financial status. Students who are interested in receiving CLB’s based need scholarship are requested to send:

  • Personal letter addressed to the Finance Committee requesting the scholarship
  • All relevant documentation supporting the request


  • A student may apply for a scholarship only after he has arranged all tuition for the current school year.
  • The committee convenes every three months. An application can be request only once a year.
  • It is not possible to receive a double scholarship from CLB. A student who has already received a scholarship on any basis will not be able to receive another scholarship from CLB.


Excellence scholarship: 1000-2,500NIS

CLB promotes excellence and grants scholarships for the top 5% students with highest grades.


“Psagot”Education for Excellence association: 6,000 NIS per year

A Mentor position in a joint scholarship between CLB and Education for Excellence association. A rewarding volunteer track awaits you at the Education for “Psagot” organization. As part of this project, you can promote talented children from the periphery (grades 3-12) and help them excel in their studies, integrate into society, succeed in all areas of life and fulfill their dreams.

The project takes place during the academic year in the 40 centers of the association’s activities throughout Israel.

A customized training program for each student, according to the student’s skills and abilities, with the help of study materials and prepared lesson plans, with accompaniment and training throughout the year.

For registration (Hebrew form)


Perach Mentoring Project – ~5,000NIS per year

This external scholarship is granted in addition to any existing scholarship!

Two projects are being held:

* Personal tutoring for students of the “Giv’olim” elementary school inRamat Gan: The tutoring is individual and takes place at the child’s home twice a week on Sundays to Thursdays (in the afternoon), a total of 4 weekly hours between October and June. 

* Selah (Students for the Community) Project: The Selah project is designed to help prepare high school students for the matriculation exams, and takes place once a week between October and June at the Rafael Eitan High School in Ramat Gan.This unique project takes place once a week for 4 hours during the school day.Students in the first and third years of the school year who have good achievements in studies and experience in instruction in one of the following subjects: English, Mathematics, Language, History, Literature, Citizenship and Bible.During the year, there will be 3-4 compulsory academic sessions in the school, and the counselors are required to meet regularly with the Perach coordinator and submit reports regularly.


During the academic year more scholarships may be published


*It is not possible to receive a double scholarship from the College of Law and Business. A student who participates in a project that is entitled to a scholarship from CLB will not be able to receive another scholarship from CLB, except form the Perach project.


Student Loans


Tuition Foundation

Financing arrangement of the tuition fund and the CLB, enables students a bank loan of up to NIS 20,000 in very good terms for the payment of tuition

AmountNumber of PaymentsTerms
Up to 15,000NISUp to 60without interest or linkage
Up to 40,000NISUp to 60Without linkage

According to regulations

To apply, register here


The Magbit Foundation of Greater Los Angeles

The Magbit Fund is offering CLB students a $2,500 Loan per year without interest or linkage. Students can return the loan up to a year after graduation with up to 12 payments.

Preference will be given to students considering the criteria of military service, socioeconomic background, new immigrants, academic year and academic excellence.

For more details, please contact the International Office.



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