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The College of Law and Business offers a global LL.B (Bachelor of Law) degree in Israel for English and Hebrew Speakers. This 3.5-year program is an amazing opportunity for students who are looking to gain international experience and prepare themselves professionally for a successful career in law. Students live in Israel, study in both English and Hebrew and get the support they need to practice law in both languages, including Judicial Hebrew language classes in the first year and academic adjustments. In the second and third-year classes you will be studying with Hebrew speaking students, allowing the international students to integrate and network with your future colleagues.


Fast Track to the Global Market


In Israel, bilingual lawyers are in high demand. Well known as the “Start-up Nation”, Israel boasts more R&D investment and start-ups per capita than any other country. Yet with a population of only 8 million people, a majority of a business survival and success are contending on strong international treaties in the form of exports, international patents and trade agreements. Jurists that can operate within both the Hebrew speaking world of technology and business and the world of international law, patents and contracts, are highly-ought after corporation and international law firms.

If practicing law in the USA is your goal, CLB’s LL.B (Bachelor of Law) program qualifies you to take the New York State bar. Additionally, dedicated students can earn a fast-track Master’s of Law (LL.M.) from Chicago Kent College of Law or Cardozo Law School at Yeshiva University by studying the final year in Chicago or New York. Studying in Israel allows you to cut down the financial burden and the time towards an American law graduate degree down to only four years






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+Academic Calendar


Academic Calendar


Date Event
TBD Orientation Day For LL.b and B.a
24/10/2021 Beginning of the first Semester
05/12/2021 (No Classes) Hanukkah Vacation
23/01/2022 Completion Day for classes missed over Hanikkah
23/01/2022 End of the first Semester
20/02/2022 Beginning of the second Semester
17/03/2022 (No Classes) Purim vacation
12/04/2022-23/04/2022 (No Classes) Passover Vacation
27/04/2022 (School ends at 18:00) Holocaust Memorial Day (Eve)
28/04/2022 (Class Break at 13:00-13:45) Holocaust Memorial Day (Ceremony)
04/05/2022 (Class Break at 13:00-13:45) Israel Memorial Day (Ceremony)
03/05/2022 (School Ends at 16:00) Israel Memorial Day
05/05/2022 (No Classes) Israel Independence Day
TBD Student’s Day
05/06/2022 (No Classes) Shavout Vacation
Completion Day for Thursdays: 29/05/2022 & 06/06/2022 Completion Day for classes missed over Holidays
Completion Day for Wednesdays: 30/05/2022 & 07/06/2022
Completion Day for Tuesday: 07/06/2022
07/06/2022 End of the Second Semester
TBD Graduation Ceremony
10/07/2022 Beginning of the third Semester
07/08/2022 Tish’a B’av Fast
25-27/09/2022 (No Classes) Rosh Hashana
30/09/2022 End of the third Semester
04-05/10/2022 (No Classes) Yom Kippur



Course title Credits
Constitutional law 6
Introduction to Jurisprudence 4
Introduction to Israeli and Comparative Law

Legal Thinking and Writing 2
Corporate law 6
* Introduction to Jewish law 4
* Public International law 4
Academic writing 2
Introduction to Legal Philosophy
* Introduction to tax law 4
* Private International Law 2
Seminar 6
* Law and society 2
Attorney’s professional ethics 2
Contract law 6
Criminal law 6
Tort law 6
Family and inheritance law 6
Criminal hearings 4
Administrative law 6
Labor law 4
Evidence law 4
Civil hearings 6
Property law 6
Reflections of law 3
Civil procedure in practice 4
Criminal procedure in practice 3
Procedural aspects of private law 2
Electives 20


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