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Blockchain and Distributed Ledgers are the underlying technologies of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, but also enable many other uses that depand on immutable information and executable code – ‘smart contracts’. The seminar provides students with a profound understanding of the economic incentives and the legal structures underlying blockchain applications in business and in law. Academic classes alternate with lectures by practitioners from business and law firms as well as government institutions, all applying blockchain technology.

The seminar is organized by the College of Law and Business in Israel and the University of Kassel in Germany, and will be over ZOOM. In addition to the academic lectures, the course will include virtual tours of Israel.

We invite  students from law, economics, business and related fields to participate in the interdisciplinary seminar.


Selected Topics

How Blockchains work | Cryptocurrencies | Regulating Blockchain | Smart Contracts | Incentive Structures |

Securities and Monetary Regulations | Security Tokens | Entrepreneurship in Israel

Virtual Tours of Israel


Blockchain Seminar Schedule



Countries Participating

Countries Participating



Course Credit:

CLB students: 4 credit points

International students: 5 ECTS credits points

The course carries no additional fees



To participate in this interdisciplinary seminar, applications must be submitted by the students to their local school. Schools must submit the students chosen together with their applications by February 4th, 2021. Student applications must include a short bio, a letter of intent and a passport photograph.

CLB Students can submit their applications to the International office at



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