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The library at the College of Law and Business contains a first-rate collection of books in several languages on the fields of Law and Business Management, as well as Israeli and foreign court verdicts, various encyclopedias and manuals, Israeli and foreign journals, and printouts designed to assist students throughout their course of study. The collection has been designed to meet the specific needs of each school’s program of study, with books chosen according to lecturer requirements.

Students may borrow books and our knowledgeable staff is always on hand to assist in their searches for information throughout our various databanks or on the Internet. The library includes 120 seats, a spacious reading hall, reference and discussion rooms, and photocopying and printing facilities, as well a 50-station computer room with access to various databanks, databases and Internet connection.

The library is open Sundays through Thursdays from 09:00–20:00, and Fridays from 08:30–12:00.

The College of Law and Business’s online Personal Information Station enables students to access their personal grade sheet, academic timetable, study program and other related material. In addition, each course has its own website where students can find study materials, examination dates, syllabi, required reading lists, a course forum and other study aids. Students are also able to contact their lecturers and the College of Law and Business Administration Office directly from their Personal Information Station.

All notifications issued by lecturers and the Administration Office are communicated via email, SMS and direct transmissions to students’ Personal Information Stations. Enrollment for courses is also performed via the Personal Information Station.

The Student Association was established for the purpose of ensuring the wellbeing of students at the College of Law and Business. The Association functions from within the College of Law and Business as an independent body and has the primary agenda of acting on behalf of students on both an academic and social level, representing them in matters before the Center’s governing body and assisting them with various aspects of their lives as students. The Association’s committee is comprised of a chairman and several delegates who represent the different study years. All committee members are democratically elected once every academic year, with all Association members eligible to vote, as well as to run for office in the annual elections.

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