Head of Division: Dr. Sigal Shahav

The department aims to prepare future jurists for the field of criminal law, whether in the public or private sector. Students that have finished their LL.B. in the Criminal Law department have become leading public defendants, private attorneys and lecturers. Criminal Law is not only an important field of law; it is particularly special in light of its unique principles, considerations and rules, all of which require significant expertise before engaging within it. The field involves crucial decisions of life and death, and as such, our goal is to train future graduates who will handle it with the appropriate professionalism.

Students are taught by leading professors and experts in the field of criminal law & criminology in Israel. The department of criminal law & criminology provides practical tools for engagement in the field of criminal law & criminology, as well as in-depth understanding of criminal court proceedings. With approximately 25 different courses and seminars in the field, The Criminal Law &Criminology department offered at the College of Law and Business constitutes is considered as the richest and most diversified department of its kind in Israel.

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