Best of Both Worlds

The College of Law and Business offers Dual-Track undergraduate degrees in business (B.A.) and law (LL.B). This program is for motivated students who are looking for an international experience that offers the best of both worlds. Students learn everything they need to become successful lawyers in the multinational corporate world, law-savvy business leaders or empowered social-change catalysts.

In four years of full-time study, motivated students can earn two undergraduate degrees in the College of Law and Business’s Dual Track for international students: a Law Degree (LL.B.) and a Business Degree (B.A.) in Business Administration. All Business courses are taught in English. Half of the Law courses are offered in English and half in Hebrew.

Corporate Lawyers from the Start-Up Nation

Whether you choose to stay in Israel to work as an independent or corporate English-speaking lawyer, or practice law in New York or California as an Israeli law expert, the Dual-Track enriches your understanding of businesses and how they are built and operate. This valuable knowledge would set you apart from other lawyers, and furthermore, empower you with the tools to establish and run your own law firm in the future.

Law-Savvy Business Leader

Stand out from the businesspeople around you with an in-depth understanding of business law in Israel, the US, and the global marketplace. Having a law degree from CLB with its strong international and social responsibility emphasis, practical experience and academic depth would give you a distinct advantage in different business settings and in finding future employment.

Empowered Social-Change Catalysts

The world needs out-of-the-box thinkers who use their knowledge and experience to bring about real improvements for the betterment of all. When you choose to earn both Business and Law degrees from CLB, you acquire the skills to implement meaningful social responsibility policies within businesses, establish your own humanitarian for-profit company (4th sector), or simply help others as a law and business expert.

This degree is aimed at committed and eager individuals who are interested in becoming leaders in law and business. Motivated students can earn two undergraduate degrees: a Law Degree (LL.B.) and a Business Degree (B.A.) in Business Administration. The Dual-Track program gives candidates unparalleled advantage in the job market.

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