Innovation Summer Program

The College of Law & Business (CLB) invites international students to explore Israel – The Start-Up Nation, in an intensive summer program that will run in July 2018

The program combines experiential learning with academic lectures in class with a special focus on hands-on experience. The focus of the program is on entrepreneurship and innovation in Israel centering on the High Tech Sector in Israel and innovation in a variety of areas from information technology, medical and bio-tech to clean technology, water and sustainability and of course the legal aspects. As part of the course the students will visit local businesses such as Naan Dan Israel (The world’s second largest water drip irrigation manufacturer), Battery Venture (One of the leading VCs in Israel), Google Israel and many others. The students will also visit the Israeli Supreme court, The Israeli parliament, including meeting with members of parliament, and government officials. Lastly, the program will include visits to historical sights, and discussion of Israeli society and politics in the Middle East.

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