The Corporate Social Responsibility Institute

Headed by Liad Ortar

The Israeli Corporate Social Responsibility Institute (CSRI) is a leading policy center that aims at promoting transparency, sustainability and accountability in the Israeli business sector.

CSRI operates at various channels such as publishing position papers and conducting applied research; lobbying in the Israeli Parliament (the Knesset) by proposing law proposals and regulatory amendments; and offering lectures and seminars for business executives.
CSRI’s leading initiative in 2018 is the SDG Compass. It is a joint initiative of the world’s leading business organizations (ie GRI, Global Compact, and WBCSD) to align administrative tools with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Through this effort and others at CSRI, CLB is leading a nationwide effort to promote CSR and dissolinate best practices for socially responsible conduct to local holders in Israel.


National Institute for Regulation  of Emergency and Disaster

Headed by Colonel (Res.) Professor Isaac Ashkenazi

The National Institute for Regulation of Emergency and Disaster serves as an international center for research and policy formation in the fields of natural disasters, public health risk, terrorism and national security threats, social and economic crises in addition to technological and cyber security. Israel has the accumulated knowledge and experience in emergency preparedness and readiness efforts in order to lay the foundation for comprehensive research and sharing of international knowledge. Here, NIRED is both a timely and necessary institution to decreasing the vulnerability of individuals and groups to emerging, in Israel and around the world.

The Israeli National Center for Resilience

CLB is the hosting campus of The National Center for Israeli Resilience of the Israeli National Emergency Management Authority (NEMA) under the Ministry of Defense. The center is responsible for the State of Israel’s official training of governmental offices and local authorities for preparing, responding and recovering from disasters.

Bringing together experts in emergency management, practitioners, academies and the Home Front Command of the IDF, the Center offers intensive trainings and workshops for leaders of Israeli society. Every year the center trains hundreds of directors from local authorities and the government ministries in the fields of education, welfare, construction engineering, communication and transport among others. The Center plays a critical role in transforming valuable emergency preparedness research into practical application on the ground. This is relevant not only to Israel but countless scenarios around the world, and hence the center aims to become an international training center for civil resilience and preparedness.

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