The Clinical Program at the College of Law and Business – Ramat Gan (CLB) is a leading hub for human rights and civil rights legal professionals in Israel to practice, educate and pass along the knowledge, practice, values and challenges of social justice law to the next generation. The College, via its Clinical Program, makes legal aid available to some of the most disenfranchised populations in Israel and creates far reaching and cutting edge policy changes that shape the social and legal tenor of the entire country. With students as partners, the Clinical Program’s staff includes some of the leading minds in the fields law and social change, and many graduates have become leading advocates in a broad range of fields.

Our Clinics include:

Education Rights Clinic

Clinic for Migrant Rights

The Clinic for Migrant Rights handles all legal aspects of the rights of non-Jewish migrants in Israel, i.e., migrant workers, migrant children, and asylum seekers, through community outreach and education and advocacy and legal representation.

Community Advocacy Clinic

This clinic offers free legal aid throughout the entire country of Israel, in all branches of civil law, including issues involving execution procedures, social security, labor laws, consumer protection, and family law (both in civil and religious courts).

Clinic for Social Change

The main objective of this clinic is to effect social change and promote the rights of disempowered communities: elderly, crime victims, students with learning disabilities and children with special needs. The main mode of action is by petitioning (cases of precedential order) the Supreme Court and initiating, drafting, and lobbying for necessary legislation.

Deaainee and Prisoner Rights Clinic

Students under the care of clinic practitioners offer legal aid and represent detainees and prisoners whose rights have been violated. Some recent issues under the care of the clinic include: unfair and harsh prison conditions, such as prison over-crowding; insufficient medical care; illegal shackling; etc.

Innocence Project Clinic

Convicting an innocent person is the greatest injustice a state can cause to an individual. New studies have shown that it's not a rare event as they use to believe in the past. Due to lack of awareness, necessary precautions has not been taken to reduce the danger of wrongful imprisonment. The students will be guided to locate and examine cases with a potential of wrongful convictions. In relevant cases, students will work on a retrial application to the Supreme Court

The Corporate Social Responsibility Clinic

Promoting the commitment of commercial corporations in the fields of human rights, the rights of employees and consumers, ethics and the environment.

ECO HUB - the Social Environmental Entrepreneurship Academic Hub

First time in Israel: An Academic Incubator for Social-Environmental Entrepreneurship.

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