For the past 14 years, the Human Rights Division has been conducting international researchers' workshops, with the participation of the most important researchers in Israel and abroad in the field of human rights.

The workshops focus on basic human rights principles in Israel and the world, amongst: multiculturalism and the prohibition of discrimination; Demography and Human Rights; Labor rights in the age of globalization; Rights, balance and proportionality; Private power and human rights; Human rights and reciprocity. The international human rights researchers' workshops are the most important intellectual event in Israel in the field of human rights, and have won academic reputation and prestige in academic circles around the world.

Democratic Backsliding and Human Rights

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Sharing Economy Markets & Human Rights

Global Constitutionalism and Human Rights

Human Rights and the Rights of Non-Humans

Public Religions, Private Communities and Human Rights

Human Rights and the Human Mind

Intergeneratinal Justice

Borders and Human Rights

Rights and Reciprocity

Private Power and Human Rights

Rights, Balancing and Proportionality

Labor Rights in the Era of Globalization

Demography and the Human Rights

Multiculturalism and the Antidiscrimination Principle

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