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Law and Ethics of Human Rights

Law & Ethics of Human Rights aspires to analyze and clarify the concepts of moral and legal rights and to contribute to conflict resolution in human rights law. Each issue of Law & Ethics of Human Rights focuses on one contemporary dilemma that raises major moral and legal questions. Each such dilemma is examined using an interdisciplinary approach to human rights law, an approach that strives to create associations between legal provisions and the philosophy underlying them. Top students are invited to sit on the student editorial board. LEHR is published by De Gruyter in both print and online and distributed to tens of thousands of subscribers worldwide.

Topics addressed in previous volumes of the journal:
Human Rights and the Rights of non-Humans Public Religion, Private Communities and Human Rights Borders and Human Rights Inter-generational Justice Labor Rights in the Era of Globalization

Volume 12, 2018

Global Constitutionalism and Human Rights, Co-edited by Iddo Porat and Gila Stopler

Issue 1- Read articles

Hirschl, Ran

Opting Out of “Global Constitutionalism”

Greene, Jamal

A Private Law Court in A Public Law System

MacDonnell, Vanessa

The Reductionism of Global Models of Constitutional Rights

Möller, Kai

Stability and Change under the Global Model of Constitutional Rights: A Reply to Vanessa MacDonnell

Law, David S.

The Global Language of Human Rights: A Computational Linguistic Analysis

Suk, Julie

Gender Equality and the Protection of Motherhood in Global Constitutionalism

Volume 11, 2017

Human Rights and the Rights of Non Humans; Guest Editors: Tali Kritzman-Amir and Iddo Porat

Issue 2- Read articles

Lavi, Shai J.

Beyond Natural Potentiality: Brain-Death Pregnancy, Viable Fetuses, and Pre-implanted Embryos

GoodwIn, Michele


If Embryos and Fetuses Have Rights

Riley, Margaret Foster

CRISPR Creations and Human Rights

Mishori, Daniel

Environmental Vegetarianism: Conflicting Principles, Constructive Virtues

Ezra, Ovadia

The Rights of Non-Humans: From Animals to Silent Nature

Volume 11, 2017

Human Rights​ and the Rights of Non Humans; Guest Editors: Tali Amir and Iddo Porat

Issue 1- Read articles

Walt, Steven / Schwartzman, Micah

Morality, Ontology, and Corporate Rights

Ciepley, David

Member Corporations, Property Corporations, and Constitutional Rights

Donyets-Kedar, Ronit

Challenging Corporate Personhood Theory: Reclaiming the Public

Hammer, Yoav

Should Corporations Have A Right To Finance Political Campaigns?

Procaccia, Uriel / Winter, Eyal

Corporate Crime and Plea Bargains

Pasternak, Avia

From Corporate Moral Agency to Corporate Moral Rights

Volume 10, 2016

Religious Accommodation and the Crisis of Multiculturalism; Guest editors: Avigail Eisenberg and Patti Tamara Lenard

Issue 2- Read articles

Eisenberg, Avigail

Religion as Identity


Letsas, George

Accommodating What Needn’t Be Special


Mawhinney, Alison

Claims of Religious Morality: The Limits of Religious Freedom in International Human Rights Law


Torbisco-Casals, Neus

Multiculturalism, Identity Claims, and Human Rights: From Politics to Courts


Lenard, Patti Tamara

Fragile Trust: Muslim Communities in Canada and the R v. NS Decision


Ruggiu, Ilenia

Interpreting Culture in Italian Courts: A Proposal of a “Cultural Test”


Poole, Thomas

Rights and Opinion: Or, The Progress of Sentiments









Volume 10, 2016

Public Religion, Private Communities and Human Rights

Issue 1- Read articles

Kahn, Paul W.

The Jurisprudence of Religion in a Secular Age: From Ornamentalism to Hobby Lobby


Shachar, Ayelet

Squaring the Circle of Multiculturalism? Religious Freedom and Gender Equality in Canada


Hirschl, Ran

Early Engagements with the Constitutive Laws of Others: Possible Lessons from Pre-Modern Religious Law


Mautner, Menachem

Meaning, Religion, and the State: On the Future of Liberal Human Rights


Sapir, Gideon / Statman, Daniel

The Protection of Holy Places


Zucca, Lorenzo

A Secular Manifesto for Europe


Jamal, Amal / Kensicki, Anna

A Theory of Critical Junctures for Democratization: A Comparative Examination of Constitution-Making in Egypt and Tunisia


Yefet, Carmit Karin

Synagogue and State in the Israeli Military: A Story of “Inappropriate Integration”


Gila Stopler, CLB

Editorial Board
Eyal Benvenisti, Tel-Aviv University
Moshe Cohen Eliya, CLB
Stephen Macedo, Princeton University
Nancy Rosenblum, Harvard University

Production Editor
Michele Manspeizer

Advisory Board
Seyla Benhabib, Yale University
Chaim Gans, Tel-Aviv University
Alon Harel, Hebrew University
Thomas Pogge, Columbia University
Judith Resnik, Yale University
Ayelet Shachar, University of Toronto
Henry Steiner, Harvard University

Volume 9, 2015
Human Rights and the Human Mind
Issue 2 >> Read articles
Greene, Joshua D.Beyond Point-and-Shoot Morality: Why Cognitive (Neuro)Science Matters for Ethics
Harel, AlonOn the Irrelevance of Neuroscience to Moral Theory
Holton, RichardCrime as Prime
Benbaji, Yitzhak / Falk, Amir / Feldman, YuvalCommonsense Morality and the Ethics of Killing in War: An Experimental Survey of the Israeli Population
Cohen-Eliya, Moshe / Porat, IddoThe Knobe Effect, Indifference, and Constitutional Law
Krishnamurthy, MeenaNudging Global Poverty Alleviation?
Volume 9, 2015
Human Rights and the Human Mind
Issue 1 >> Read articles*
Cohen, I. GlennThis Is Your Brain on Human Rights: Moral Enhancement and Human Rights
Feldman, Yuval
Kricheli-Katz, Tami
The Human Mind and Human Rights: A Call for an Integrative Study of the Mechanisms Generating Employment Discrimination across Different Social Categories
Lev, OriBiomedical Cognitive Enhancements: Coercion, Competition and Inducements
Woods, Andrew K.The Limits of Moral Intuitions for Human Rights Advocacy
Ariel, Barak / Tobby-Alimi, Ilanit / Cohen, Irit / Ben Ezra, Mazal / Cohen, Yafa / Sosinski, GabrielaEthnic and Racial Employment Discrimination in Low-Wage and High-Wage Markets: Randomized Controlled Trials Using Correspondence Tests in Israel
Volume 8 2014
intergenerational justice
Issue 1 >> Read articles*
David HeydParfit on the non-identity problem, again
Gregory S. AlexanderIntergenerational communities
Elizabeth BartholetIntergenerational justice for children: restructuring Adoption, reproduction & child welfare policy
Daphna HackerIntergenerational wealth transfer and the need to Revive and metamorphose the israeli estate tax
Shelly Kreiczer-LevyIntergenerational relations and the family home
Issue 2 >> Read articles*
Lior BarshackDignity, descent, and the rights to family life
J.E. PennerIntergenerational justice and the “hereditary principle”
Martha M. ErtmanUnexpected links between baby markets and intergenerational justice
Pamela Laufer-UkelesControlling Perimeters, Controlling Lives: Israel and Gaza
Shahar LifshitzNeither nature nor contract: Toward an institutional perspective on parenthood
Daniel MishoriReclaiming commons rights: resources, public ownership and the rights of future generations
Volume 7 2013
Issue 1 >> Read articles*
David MillerBorder Regimes and Human Rights
Daniel ViehoffThe Right against Interference: Human Rights and Legitimate Authority
Yuval ShanyTaking Universality Seriously: A Functional Approach to Extraterritoriality in International Human Rights Law
Christine LeuenbergerThe Rhetoric of Maps: International Law as a Discursive Tool in Visual Arguments
Nina RabinAt the Border between Public and Private: U.S. Immigration Policy for Victims of Domestic Violence
Issue 2 >> Read articles*
Robert Howse
Ruti Teitel
Humanity Bounded and Unbounded: The Regulation of External Self-determination under International Law
Katrina M. WymanAre We Morally Obligated to Assist Climate Change Migrants?
Thomas SpijkerboerMoving Migrants, States, and Rights Human Rights and Border Deaths
Sari BashiControlling Perimeters, Controlling Lives: Israel and Gaza
Volume 6 2012
Reciprocity and Rights
Issue 1 >> Read articles*
Eric A. PosnerHuman Rights, the Laws of War, and Reciprocity
Yitzhak BenbajiJustice in Asymmetric Wars: A Contractarian Analysis
Ronit Donyets KedarReciprocity in Morality and Law
Yofi TiroshReciprocal Antidiscrimination Arguments
Daniel StatmanNote: Reciprocity of Rights and Duties, Benefits and Burdens: National Service for Israeli Arabs
Issue 2 >> Read articles*
Gillian K. Hadfield and Stephen MacedoRational Reasonableness: Toward a Positive Theory of Public Reason
Nir EyalGrounding Public Reason in Rationality: The Conditionally-Compassionate Medical Student, and Other Challenges
Tommie ShelbyJustice, Work, and the Ghetto Poor
Stuart WhiteReligious Exemptions: An Egalitarian Demand?
Corey BrettschneiderPublic Justification and the Right to Private Property: Welfare Rights as Compensation for Exclusion
Volume 5  2010
Issue 1 >> Read articles*
Judith ResnikBring Back Bentham: “Open Courts,” “Terror Trials,” and Public Sphere(s)
Talia FisherA Nuanced Approach to the Privatization Debate
David A. SklanskyPrivate Policing and Human Rights
Daphne Barak-ErezThe Private Prison Controversy and the Privatization Continuum
Daphné Richemond-BarakRethinking Private Warfare
Tally Kritzman-AmirPrivatization and Delegation of State Authority in Asylum Systems
Issue 2 >> Read articles*
C. Edwin BakerPress Performance, Human Rights, and Private Power as a Threat
Yoav HammerAdvertisements and the Public Discourse in a Democracy
William GalstonParents, Government, and Children: Authority over Education in a Pluralist Liberal Democracy
Yossi DahanPrivatization, School Choice and Educational Equality
Catherine DonnellyPrivatization and Welfare: A Comparative Perspective
Alon HarelOutsourcing Violence?
Re’em SegevGovernmental Power: Quality or Identity? Comment on Alon Harel’s Argument against Outsourcing Violence
Volume 4 2010
Issue 1  >> Read articles*
Aharon BarakProportionality and Principled Balancing
Robert AlexyThe Construction of Constitutional Rights
Alec Stone SweetInvestor-State Arbitration: Proportionality’s New Frontier
Frederick SchauerBalancing, Subsumption, and the Constraining Role of Legal Text
Stephen GardbaumA Democratic Defense of Constitutional Balancing
Jacco BomhoffGenealogies of Balancing as Discourse
Issue 2 >> Read articles*
 Mattias KummThe Idea of Socratic Contestation and the Right to Justification: The Point of Rights-Based Proportionality Review
Paul-Erik N. VeelIncommensurability, Proportionality, and Rational Legal Decision-Making
Thomas M. FranckProportionality in International Law
Georg NolteThin or Thick? The Principle of Proportionality and International Humanitarian Law
Volume 3 2009
Issue 1 >> Read articles*
Mathias RisseA Right to Work? A Right to Leisure? Labor Rights as Human Rights
Thomas PoggeComment on Mathias Risse: “A Right to Work? A Right to Leisure? Labor Rights as Human Rights”
Brian A. LangilleWhat is International Labor Law For?
Eyal BenvenistiComment on Brian Langille: “What is International Labor Law For?”
Debra SatzVoluntary Slavery and the Limits of the Market
Issue 2 >> Read articles*
Faina Milman-SivanFreedom of Association as a Core Labor Right and the ILO: Toward a Normative Framework
Alan HydeThe International Labor Organization in the Stag Hunt for Global Labor Rights
Guy DavidovComment on Alan Hyde: The Perils of Economic Justifications for International Labor Standards
 Guy MundlakDe-Territorializing Labor Law
Hani Ofek-GhendlerGlobalization and Social Justice: The Right to Minimum Wage
Volume 2 2008 
Seyla BenhabibDemocracy, Demography, and Sovereignty
Yossi Dahan and Yossi YonahBenhabib on Democratic Iterations in a Global Order
José BrunnerLiberal Laws v. The Law of Large Numbers, or How Demographic Rhetoric Arouses Anxiety (in Germany)
Peter H. SchuckDemography, Human Rights, and Diversity Management, American-Style
Christian JoppkeComparative Citizenship: A Restrictive Turn in Europe
Sammy SmoohaComparative Citizenship: A Restrictive Turn in Europe and a Restrictive Regime in Israel: Response to Joppke
Gila StoplerA Feminist Perspective on Natality Policies in Multicultural Societies
Timothy William WatersThe Blessing of Departure: Acceptable and Unacceptable State
Support for Demographic Transformation: the Lieberman Plan to Exchange Populated Territories in Cisjordan
Yuval ShanyRedrawing Maps, Manipulating Demographics: on Exchange of Populated Territories and Self-Determination
Timothy William WatersDifferent Departure: a Reply to Shany’s “Redrawing Maps, Manipulating Demographics: on Exchange of Populated Territories and Self-Determination”
Chaim GansNationalist Priorities and Restrictions in Immigration: the Case of Israel
Raef ZreikNotes on the Value of Theory: Readings in the Law of Return—a Polemic
Na’ama CarmiImmigration Policy: between Demographic Considerations and Preservation of Culture
Yaacov Ben-ShemeshImmigration Rights and the Demographic Consideration
Volume 1 2007 
Nancy L. RosenblumBanning Parties: Religious and Ethnic Partisanship in Multicultural Democracies
Rajeev BhargavaOn the Persistent Political Under-Representation of Muslims in India
Julie Chi-hye SukEconomic Opportunities and the Protection of Minority Languages
Yoav HammerMulticulturalism and the Mass Media
Alon HarelRegulating Modesty-Related Practices
Tzvia GreenfieldIs It Really so Benign? Gender Separation in Ultra Orthodox Bus Lines
Yaacov Ben-ShemeshLaw and Internal Cultural Conflicts
Moshe Cohen-EliyaIs Conditional Funding a Less Drastic Means
Stephen MacedoIn Defense of Conditional Funding of Religious Schools
Chaim GansIndividuals’ Interest in the Preservation of their Culture
Gila StoplerContextualizing Multiculturalism: A Three Dimensional Examination of Multicultural Claims
Iddo PoratOn the Jehovah’s Witnesses Cases, Balancing Tests, and Three Kinds of Multicultural Claims

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