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Law & Ethics of Human Rights Journal

Law & Ethics of Human Rights aspires to analyze and clarify the concepts of moral and legal rights and to contribute to conflict resolution in human rights law. Each issue of Law & Ethics of Human Rights focuses on one contemporary dilemma that raises major moral and legal questions. Each such dilemma is examined using an interdisciplinary approach to human rights law, an approach that strives to create associations between legal provisions and the philosophy underlying them. Top students are invited to sit on the student editorial board.


Law and Ethics of Human Rights is ranked second out of 595 non-US law journals (based on the impact factor of the Washington and Lee School of Law 2016 rankings of law journals). LEHR is published by De Gruyter in both print and online and distributed to tens of thousands of subscribers worldwide.


Topics addressed in previous volumes of the journal:

Human Rights and the Rights of non-Humans

Public Religion, Private Communities and Human Rights

Borders and Human Rights

Intergenerational Justice

Labor Rights in the Era of Globalization



Gila Stopler, The College of Law and Business


Editorial board

Eyal Benvenisti, Tel Aviv University

Moshe Cohen-Eliya, College of Law & Business

Stephen Macedo, Princeton University

Nancy Rosenblum, Harvard University


Advisory Board

Seyla Benhabib, Yale University

Chaim Gans, Tel-Aviv University

Alon Harel, Hebrew University

Thomas Pogge, Columbia University

Judith Resnik, Yale University

Ayelet Shachar, University of Toronto

Henry Steiner, Harvard University


“Alei Mishpat” – College of Law and Business Law Journal

CLB’s Hebrew law journal “Alei Mishpat” was founded in 1998 and since then has gained respect and recognition as one of the most influential legal journals in Israel. The thirteen volumes published so far deal with a wide range of topics in various fields of law and tangential disciplines (sociology, political science, and more). The forthcoming volume (Volume 14, 2017) focuses on law and the humanities, and includes articles addressing law and literature, law and history, Jewish law, and legal feminism.


The articles published in “Alei Mishpat”make a significant contribution to the legal discourse in Israel, as is demonstrated by the high number of citations of “Alei Mishpat” articles in academic writing and rulings of Israeli courts.


“Alei Mishpat” articles are published after blind academic review and careful editorial work of the journal editorial board, led by elite students from CLB’s law school, under the academic supervision of the Journal’s editor, Prof. Avishalom Westreich. The journal is widely distributed in print and online, and can be accessed on the CLB website and online legal databases.


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