The Law Faculty at the CLB is committed to providing students with the highest quality legal education that will allow them to springboard into a career in an array of fields, from public to private, social to commercial.

In line with today's modern economy, the Law Faculty guarantees not only an exciting intellectual experience in the world of law, but also the acquisition of practical knowledge and professional tools to excel in a complex and global workplace. The Law Faculty holds professionalism, globalism, and morality as its three central pillars, imbuing CLB students with a deep sense of personal and social responsibility.

Our Degrees

Bilingual L.L.B.

Dual Undergraduate – Bilingual LL.B. (Law) + B.A. in Business Administration

Graduate Degrees: LL.M. (Hebrew) M.A. in Law Studies (Hebrew)

Dual LL.M. with Chicago-Kent Law School (Bilingual)

Academic Divisions

Legal Clinics for Human Rights

The Clinical Program at the College of Law and Business – Ramat Gan (CLB) is a leading hub for human rights and civil rights legal professionals in Israel to practice, educate and pass along the knowledge, practice, values and challenges of social justice law to the next generation. The College, via its Clinical Program, makes legal aid available to some of the most disenfranchised populations in Israel and creates far reaching and cutting edge policy changes that shape the social and legal tenor of the entire country. With students as partners, the Clinical Program’s staff includes some of the leading minds in the fields law and social change, and many graduates have become leading advocates in a broad range of fields. Our Clinics include:

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Law & Ethics of Human Rights

Academic Journal of Law & Ethics of Human Rights

The College of Law and Business is happy to announce
that according to the 2016 impact factor ranking of the
Washington and Lee Law Journal Ranking the College’s
international law journal:
2nd among 595 international (non-US) law journals
4th among all law journals in the world in the area of legal
theory and jurisprudence
4th among all law journals in the world in the area of
human rights


The Corporate Social Responsibility Institute

The Israeli Corporate Social Responsibility Institute (CSRI) is a leading policy center that aims at promoting transparency, sustainability and accountability in the Israeli business sector. CSRI operates at various channels such as publishing position papers and conducting applied research; lobbying in the Israeli Parliament (the Knesset) by suggesting law proposals and regulatory amendments; and offering lectures and seminars for business executives.

CSRI’s leading initiative in 2018 is the SDG Compass. It is a joint initiative of the world's leading business organizations (i.e. GRI, Global Compact, and WBCSD) to align managerial tools with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Through this effort and others at CSRI, CLB is leading a nationwide effort to promote CSR and disseminate best practices for socially responsible conduct to local stakeholders in Israel.

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