Dr. Avi Yosipof
Head of the Information Systems Department, Designated Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science




Dr. Abraham (Avi) Yosipof is Head of the Information Systems Department and Designated Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science. He obtained his B.Sc  (2008) and  M.Sc (2010) in Chemistry and Computational Chemistry respectively.  He then continued his studies and obtained his Ph.D. in the field of Chemoinformatics (2015) focusing on the development of optimization tools and predictive models, in the University of Bar-Ilan, Israel. During his Ph.D., he obtained an M.B.A specializing in Finance, in Bar-Ilan University as well. Today he is a senior lecturer and head of the Information Systems Department in the College of Law & Business, Ramat-Gam,  Israel.  His research focuses on informatics and optimization, specializing in data mining, machine learning algorithms, global stochastic optimization and statistical algorithms in the area of drug design, material-informatics, energy resources, chemoinformatics, finance, and management. He was nominated by the Israel Ministry of Science as a management committee in two European research projects in science and technology.

Book Chapter


Journal Publication

  1. Kaspi, O.; Yosipof, A.; Senderowitz, H., PV Analyzer: A Decision Support System for Photovoltaic Solar Cells Libraries, Molecular Informatics 2018, accepted for publication.
  1. Yosipof, A.; Guedes, R. C.; García-Sosa, A. T., Data Mining and Machine Learning Models for Predicting Drug Likeness and Their Disease or Organ Category. Frontiers in Chemistry 2018, 6 (162).
  1. Kaspi, O.; Yosipof, A.; Senderowitz, H., RANdom SAmple Consensus (RANSAC) algorithm for material-informatics: application to photovoltaic solar cells. Journal of Cheminformatics 2017, 9, 34.
  1. Yosipof, A.; Shimanovich, K.; Senderowitz, H., Materials Informatics: Statistical Modeling in Material Science. Molecular Informatics 2016, 35, 568-579.
  1. Yosipof, A.; Kaspi, O.; Majhi, K.; Senderowitz, H., Visualization Based Data Mining for Comparison Between Two Solar Cell Libraries. Molecular Informatics 2016, 35, 622-628.
  1. Nahum, O. E.; Yosipof, A.; Senderowitz, H., A Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm for Outlier Removal. Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling 2015, 55, 2507-2518.
  1. Yosipof, A.; Nahum, O. E.; Anderson, A. Y.; Barad, H.-N.; Zaban, A.; Senderowitz, H., Data Mining and Machine Learning Tools for Combinatorial Material Science of All-Oxide Photovoltaic Cells. Molecular Informatics 2015, 34, 367-379.
  1. Yosipof, A.; Senderowitz, H., k-Nearest neighbors optimization-based outlier removal. Journal of computational chemistry 2015, 36, 493-506.
  1. Yosipof, A.; Senderowitz, H., Optimization of Molecular Representativeness. Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling 2014, 54, 1567-1577.
  1. Yosipof, A.; Basch, H.; Hoz, S., Efficiency of electric field catalysis in nucleophilic and electrophilic addition to polyenes. Journal of Physical Organic Chemistry 2014, 27, 191-197.
  1. Yosipof, A.; Basch, H.; Hoz, S., Metamorphosis of a Transition State into a Stable Species. The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 2013, 117 (33), 7737-7741.
  1. Yosipof, A.; Basch, H.; Hoz, S., Nucleophilic and Electrophilic Reactions of Polyynes Catalyzed by an Electric Field: Toward Barcoding of Carbon Nanotubes Like Long Homogeneous Substrates. The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 2013, 117 (24), 5023-5027.
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