אביחי מנדלבליט
Prof. Avihai Mandelblit
Dean of Law School
Prof. Avihai Mandelblit is the Dean of the Faculty of Law, at the Academic Center for Law and Business. He mainly specializes in the fields of international, criminal,
 security and military, constitutional and administrative law.
In the past, he served in a variety of positions in the military prosecutor's office and the military courts unit in the IDF for 26 years, including two judicial positions in 
Gaza and the Southern Command, as the chief deputy military prosecutor, as the chief military defense attorney, as the deputy chief military attorney, and as the 
chief military attorney until his retirement with the rank of colonel in 2011. 
After his retirement, he served as a senior researcher at the Institute for National Studies and completed his doctoral studies on the subject of "Legal Warfare and the
State of Israel - Past Experience and a Look to the Future".
In 2013, he was appointed to the position of Secretary of the Government, and after 3 years was appointed to serve as Legal Counsel to the Government,
a position he held for 6 years and engaged in a wide variety of activities of principled legal issues both in the field of law enforcement and in the fields of legal
adviceand representation.
In 2022 he retired from his position and served as a faculty member at Bar Ilan University.

סמל 'אומת על ידי הקהילה'
  1. The modern war in the 21st century – dilemmas and legal challenges.
he institution of the Attorney General - powers, roles and dilemmas.
Challenges and dilemmas in legal advice to the government.

סמל 'אומת על ידי הקהילה'

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