ד'ר דב סולמון
Dr. Dov Solomon





Dr. Dov Solomon is an associate professor of law (senior lecturer) and head of the Commercial Law Department and the LLM program at the College of Law and Business (CLB). He served as a visiting scholar at the Harvard Law School Program on Corporate Governance (2017) and the University of Michigan Law School (2009-2010). Prior to joining the CLB faculty, he served as the director of the Center for Commercial Law at Bar-Ilan University (2007-2009). He earned his PhD in law (direct track of study, 2008), MBA in finance (magna cum laude, 2002), and LLB (summa cum laude, 2001) from Bar-Ilan University.

Dr. Solomon serves as a member of the International Committee of the Israeli Directors Union. He has given legal counseling to the Israeli Ministry of Justice, the Israel Securities Authority (ISA), and the Israeli Committee on Regulation of Securitization.

Dr. Solomon’s research areas include corporate law, securities law, securitization, commercial law and secured transactions. Among other awards, he has received the Israel Junior Law Faculty Prize for Excellence in Research, the CLB Presidential Prize for Excellence in Teaching, the University of Michigan Grotius Research Fellowship, the Wolf Foundation Award for Excellence in Research, and the Israeli Parliament (“Knesset”) Distinction Award.

The Importance of Inferior Voting Rights in Dual-Class Firms, 2019 Brigham Young University Law Review 533 (2020) (featured on the Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation). This article is the finalist for the John L. Weinberg Center for Corporate Governance Best Paper Award.

The Quality of Information Provided by Dual-Class Firms, 57 American Business Law Journal (forthcoming 2020) (with Rimona Palas & Amos Baranes)

When Should You Abstain? A Call for a Global Rule of Insider Trading, 88 University of Cincinnati Law Review 67 (2019) (with Ido Baum)

More JoMo Less FoMo: The Case for Voluntary Disclosure of Uncertain Information in Securities Regulation, 14 Virginia Law & Business Review (forthcoming 2020) (with Ido Baum)

Undercapitalization – Is it an Independent Cause for Piercing the Corporate Veil or Subordination? A Call for Reconsideration, in Elyakim Rubinstein Book in Honor of the Deputy President of the Supreme Court of Israel (Aharon Barak, Miriam Marcowitz-Bitton, Ayala Procaccia & Rinat Sopher eds., forthcoming 2020) (Hebrew)

Regulation of Information About Unfolding Events in Securities Markets: A Behavioral Economics Perspective, in Law and Economics of Regulation (Klaus Mathis & Avishalom Tor eds., forthcoming 2020) (with Ido Baum & Jaroslaw Beldowski)

Duties of Loyalty, Duties of Care and the Business Judgement of Institutional Investors, 26 College of Management Law Review (forthcoming 2020) (with Ofir Weitzman, Hebrew)

Materiality in MAR: A Critical and Comparative Analysis, 14 Bocconi Legal Papers 13 (2020) (with Ido Baum)

The Economic Division and Bankruptcy: Time to Integrate, 47 Hebrew University Law Review 823 (2018) (with Odelia Minnes, Hebrew)

Institutional Activism, in Markets, Law and Politics: On Corporate Social Responsibility 113 (Ofer Sitbon & Ronit Donyets-Kedar eds., 2017) (Hebrew)

Rational Apathy of Shareholders: How to Awaken Investors from Their Sleep?, 39 Tel Aviv University Law Review 317 (2016) (Hebrew). This article was awarded the 2015 Israel Junior Law Faculty Prize for excellence in research.

Intellectual Property Securitization, 33 Cardozo Arts & Entertainment Law Journal 125 (2015) (with Miriam Bitton)

Non-Recourse Mortgage, 14(4) Real Estate 85 (2015) (Hebrew)

Securitization of Intellectual Property Rights, in Interdisciplinary Analyses of Intellectual Property Law 435 (Miriam Marcowitz-Bitton & Lior Zemer eds., 2015) (Hebrew)

The Rise of a Giant: Securitization and the Global Financial Crisis, 49 American Business Law Journal 859 (2012)

Non-Recourse, No Down Payment and the Mortgage Meltdown: Lessons from Undercapitalization, 16 Fordham Journal of Corporate & Financial Law 529 (2011) (with Odelia Minnes)

The Effects of Securitization on Unsecured Creditors: A Question of Classification, 25 Bar-Ilan University Law Studies 361 (2009) (Hebrew)


Do Not be Afraid of Securitization, TheMarker (2015) (Hebrew)

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