ד"ר ענר טל
Dr. Aner Tal


Dr. Aner Tal is a senior lecturer, head of the Marketing Specialization, and founder and director of the Academic Center’s behavioral lab. Dr. Tal has a BA in Economics and Accounting, an MBA in Business Administration, and an MA in Philosophy, all from Tel Aviv University, a PhD in Marketing from Duke under Dan Ariely, and a post-doc from Cornell University. Dr. Tal specializes in Behavioral Economics, Consumer Behavior, and Food Psychology and behavior. His research focuses on biases in judgment and behavior. His practical work focuses on nudges informed by behavioral economics.

  1. Tal, Aner, Yaniv Gvili, and Moti Amar (2017). “Can Political Cookies Leave a Bad Taste in One’s Mouth? Political Ideology Influences Taste,” European Journal of Marketing.
  1. Tal, Aner (2015). “Beware the Truthiness of Charts”, Harvard Business Review.
  1. Tal, Aner, and Brian Wansink (2015). An Apple a Day Brings More Apples Your Day: Healthy Samples Prime Healthier Shopping. In Psychology and Marketing.
  1. Musicus, Aviva, Aner Tal and Brian Wansink (2014), Eyes in the Aisles: Why is Cap’n Crunch Looking Down at My Child? Environment and Behavior.
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