Dr. Eli Packer

Eli Packer holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in computer science from Tel Aviv University (B.Sc. and M.Sc.)
and a Ph.D. in computer science from Stony Brook University (New York).
Eli’s main areas of expertise and research are geometric algorithms, computer vision, image processing and computer graphics.
He is highly experienced in developing and leading software projects at Motorola, IBM, Orbotech and Intel, and in
teaching software and algorithms in various academic institutions.

Elmar Langetepe, Bengt Nillson, Eli Packer. Discrete Surveillance Tours in Polygonal Domains. 29th Canadian Conference on Computational Geometry. 2017, 162-167

Aritra Banik, Mattew J. Katz, Eli Packer, Marina Simakov. Tracking Paths. 10th International conference on Algorithms and Complexity, 2017, 67-79

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Eli Packer, Peter Bak, Harold J. Ship, Avi Yaeli, Yuval Nardi, Eli Packer, Gilad Saadon, Jonathan Bnayahu, Liat Peterfreund. Visual Analytics for Movement Behavior in Traffic and Transportation. IBM Journal of Research and Development 59(2/3), 2015, 123-143


Eli Packer, Esther M. Arkin, Alon Efrat and Joseph S. B. Mitchell. Hybrid Algorithms for Scheduling Sensors for Guarding Polygonal Domains. 28th European Workshop on Computational Geometry, 2014, 34-40

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Eli Packer, Peter Bak, Harold Ship and Dolev Dotan. Algorithmic and Visual Analysis of Spatiotemporal Stops in Movement Data. 20th ACM SIGSPATIAL, International Conference on advances in Geographic Information Systems, 2012, 462-465

Jan Achrenius, Eli Packer and Valentin Polishchuk. Comparing Grid Approximation Schemes of Line Segments in the Plane. 21st Fall Workshop on Computational Geometry, 2011, 89-95


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Eli Packer. Controlled Perturbation of Arrangements of Line Segments in 2D with Smart Processing Order. Computational Geometry: Theory and Application, 2011, 265-285

Eli Packer, Y. Amit and J.S.B Mitchell. Locating Guards for Visibility Coverage of Polygons.
International Journal of Computational Geometry. 2010, 601-630
Also appeared at the Workshop on Engineering and Experiments, 2007, 120-135

Eli Packer and J.S.B Mitchell. Extracting Sharp Features in Reconstructed Triangular Meshes. 25th
Annual ACM Symposium on Computational Geometry, 2009, 102-103

Jonathan Lenchner, Eli Packer, Rajarshi Das and Jeffrey Kaphar. Internal Surveillance Problems in Data Centers. 18th Fall Workshop on Computational Geometry, 2008, 82-8

Eli Packer. Computing Multiple Watchman Routes. 7th International Workshop on Experimental
Algorithms, 2008, 114-128

Eli Packer. Iterated Snap Rounding with Bounded Drift. Computational Geometry: Theory and
Application.40(3), 2008, 231-251

Also appeared at the 25th Annual ACM Symposium on Computational Geometry, 2006, 85-94

J.S.B Mitchell and Eli Packer. Computing Geometric Structures of Low Stabbing Number in the Plane..
17th Annual Fall Workshop on Computational Geometry and Visualization, 2007, 107-113

Eli Packer. Extending the Power of Snap Rounding Variants. 19th Canadian Conference on
Computational Geometry, 2007, 149-152

Eli Packer and Dan Halperin. Iterated Snap Rounding. Computational Geometry: Theory and Application,.
2002, 209-225

Manual Chapters

Eli Packer. 2D Snap Rounding. In CGAL Manual, Chapter 22, pp.1617-1628

Eli Packer and Michael Hoffman. Inscribed Areas. In CGAL Manual, chapter 49, pp. 2763-278


Eli Packer. Topics in Computational Geometry. VDM, 2009


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