Dr. Shira Mor

Dr. Shira Mor is an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Business. Dr. Mor graduated with a PhD in Management from Columbia University in 2013.

Dr. Mor’s main areas of research are examining gender and cultural dynamics at work, such as the role of cultural competence on managerial effectiveness. Her research has been published in top outlets in Psychology and Management journals, such as Psychological Science and the Harvard Business Review.

Recently, Dr. Mor has begun investigating gender dynamics in entrepreneurship and leading academia-industry collaborations in the area of female-lead entrepreneurship.

Dr. Mor is teaching courses on business negotiations, organizational behavior, and entrepreneurship.

Mor, S., Toma, C., Schweinsberg, M., & Ames, D. (2018). Intercultural Accuracy and Social Projection Processes. Accepted, European Journal of Social Psychology.

Mehta, P., Mor, S., Yap, A., & Prasad, S. (2015). Dual Hormone changes are related to bargaining performance. Psychological Science, 26, 866-876.

Mor, S. Why some women negotiate better than others (2014). Harvard Business Review.

Mor, S., Morris. W.M., & Joh. J. (2013). Identifying and Training Adaptive Cross-Cultural Management Skills: The Crucial Role of Cultural Metacognition. Exemplary contribution, Academy of Management Learning & Education, 12, 453-475.  

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