ד"ר תמר מגידו
Dr. Tamar Megiddo






Dr. Tamar Megiddo is a lecturer (assistant professor) at the College of Law and Business. She also serves as a research fellow at the TraffLab Research Project at Tel Aviv University and at the Minerva Center for the Rule of Law under Extreme Conditions at the University of Haifa. She has received her Doctorate and Master’s degree in International Legal Studies from New York University School of Law (J.S.D. ’16, LL.M. 12’), and her bachelor’s from the Hebrew University (LL.B. ’09). Dr. Megiddo’s previous fellowships include the Lady Davis Fellowship at the Hebrew University (2017-2018) and the GlobalTrust (ERC) Research Project’s doctoral and post-doctoral fellowships at Tel Aviv University (2015-2017). Dr. Megiddo’s research explores the interaction between the individual and the law, focusing primarily on public international law and law & technology. Drawing on social, political and legal philosophy, her research studies how technology and law, including international law, operate to empower and constrain individuals. Her scholarship as been published in leading academic journals, both peer-reviewed and student-edited, including the Harvard International Law Journal, the Yale Journal of International Law and Theoretical Inquiries in Law, and in edited volumes published by Cambridge University Press and Oxford University Press.

Academic Publications

Special volume on ‘Bilateral Labor Agreements’ 23.2 Theoretical Inquiries in Law (2022) (forthcoming) (co-editor with Adam Chilton & Hila Shamir)

International Law as a Ground for Action’, in Philosophical (De)Constructions on International Law __ (Pauline Westerman, Andreas Hadjigeorgiou & Kostiantyn Gorobets, eds., Edward Elgar: 2021) (forthcoming)

Knowledge Production, Big Data and Data-Driven Customary International Law’, in International Law’s Invisible Frames: Social Cognition and Knowledge Production in International Legal Processes __ (Moshe Hirsch & Andrea Bianchi, eds., Oxford University Press: 2021) (forthcoming)

The Missing Persons of International Law Scholarship: A Roadmap for Future Research, in International Law as Behavior 230 (Harlan G. Cohen & Timothy L. Meyer, eds., Cambridge University Press: 2021)

Online Activism, Digital Domination and the Rule of Trolls’, 58 Columbia Journal of Transnational Law 394 (2020)

Inclusion and Representation: The Settlement of Property Claims in the Aftermath of Armed Conflict, 21 Theoretical Inquiries in Law 397 (2020) (with Eyal Benvenisti)

Methodological Individualism’, 60 Harvard International Law Journal 219 (2019)

Beyond Fragmentation: On International Law’s Integrationist Forces’, 44 Yale Journal of International Law 115 (2019)

The Domestic Standing of International Law: A Non-State Account’, 57 Columbia Journal Transnational Law 494 (2019)

Revisiting Lessons on the New Law of Statehood, in Statehood and Self-Determination 187 (Duncan French, ed., Cambridge University Press: 2013) (with Zohar Nevo)

Lessons from Kosovo: The Law of Statehood and Palestinian Unilateral Independence’, 5 Journal of International Law & International Relations 89 (2009) (with Zohar Nevo)


Blogposts and op-eds

איך נתניהו כמעט חסם לנו את הרשתות החברתיות, הארץ (30.5.2021)

אקטיביזם מקוון, שליטה דיגיטלית ושלטון הטרול, ICON-S-IL (28.6.2020)


Emerging Voices: Methodological Individualism, Opinio Juris (August 5, 2019)

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