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Gila Stopler is a Full Professor of Law and former Dean of Law School at the College of Law & Business. She is the head of the Human Rights Division and head of the MA in Law and Society and serves as the Editor-in-Chief of the journal Law & Ethics of Human Rights (LEHR) [LEHR is ranked 3rd in impact factor out of more than 600 international (non-US) law journals, according to the Washington and Lee Law Review Ranking]. Stopler’s areas of expertise include constitutional law, comparative constitutional law, religion state relations, multiculturalism, women’s rights, human rights, populism and democratic erosion.

Her publications appear in leading journals such as International Journal of Constitutional Law (ICON), Oxford Journal of Law and ReligionColumbia Journal of Transnational LawUniversity of Pennsylvania Journal of Law and Social ChangeColumbia Journal of Gender and LawBoston University International Law JournalPhilosophy and Social Criticism, and Social Theory and Practice.

Stopler serves as a member of the advisory board of the leading constitutional law journal ICON (International Journal of Constitutional Law) and is former co-chair of the Israeli chapter of ICON-S (The International Society of Public Law). She served as a Senior Emile Noel Fellow (faculty fellow) at the Jean Monnet Center at NYU Law School (2023-2024); Research Faculty Fellow at the National University of Singapore (2016); Tikvah Fellow (faculty fellow) at the Tikvah Center for Law and Jewish Civilization at the NYU School of Law (2011-2012); Research Fellow at the Max Planck Institute for International and Public Law (2013, 2009); Hauser Research Scholar at the NYU school of law (2003-4). She holds an LL.B. (1995, magna cum laude) from the Tel Aviv University Faculty of Law, and LL.M (2001) and J.S.D degrees (2004) from the NYU School of Law. During her LLM studies (2000) Stopler served as a Public Service Scholar and won the David H. Moses Memorial Prize as the member of the LLM class with the highest cumulative average (out of 400 students).

Stopler served as Chair of the Board of the Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI) between 2010-2011 and 2013-2017.

List of Publications Prof. Gila Stopler

Last updated May 2018

  1. Articles that have been published/accepted in scientific refereed journals:


  1. How could religious liberty be a human right – response to Koppelman” 16 International Journal of Constitutional law (I·CON) (forthcoming, 2018)
  1. The Rise of Proportionality, the Decline of Probability, and the Unexpected Consequences of the Constitutional Revolution on Israeli Constitutional Law” 19 (1) Mishpat U’Mimshal 187 – 228 (2018) (Hebrew)
  1. Religion–State Relations and Their Effects on Human Rights: Nationalization, Authorization, and Privatization”6 (3) Oxford Journal of Law and Religion, 474–497 (2017)
  1. “Hobby Lobby, SAS, and the resolution of religion based conflicts in liberal states”14(4) International Journal of Constitutional law (I·CON), 941-960 (2016)
  1. “Biopolitics and Reproductive Justice: Fertility Policies between Women’s Rights and State and Community Interests” 18(2) University of Pennsylvania Journal of Law and Social Change, 169-207 (2015)
  1. The Challenge of Strong Religion in the Liberal State” 32(2) Boston University International Law Journal 411-448 (2014)
  1. “The Right to an Exclusively Religious Education – The Ultra-Orthodox Community in Israel in Comparative Perspective” 42(3) Georgia Journal of International and Comparative Law </ strong>743-796 (2014)
  1. “Religious Establishment, Pluralism and Equality in Israel – Can the Circle be Squared?” 2(1) Oxford Journal of Law and Religion 150-174 (2013)
  1. “Women’s Rights, Law and Justice in Israel” 10 Alei Mishpat 19 – 38 (2012) (Hebrew)
  1. Probability Thresholds as Deontological Constraints in Global Constitutionalism” 49 Columbia Journal of Transnational Law, 75114 (2011) (with Moshe Cohen Eliya)


  1. “Rights in Immigration: The Veil as a Test Case” 43 Israel Law Review 183 – 217 (2010)
  1. Behind the Veil – Restrictions on Wearing Head Covers by Women in Liberal States“, 12 Mishpat VeMimshal 191- 226 (2010) (Hebrew)
  1. “A Rank Usurpation of Power” – The Role of Patriarchal Religion and Culture in the Subordination of Women 15 Duke Journal of Gender Law and Policy 365-397 (2008)
  1. Israel’s Natality Policy and the Rights of Women and Minorities 11 Mishpat VeMimshal 473-516 (2008) (Hebrew)
  1. Between Love and Justice: Women’s Equality and the Welfare State, 12 Avoda Hevra VeMishpat 261-293 (2010) (Hebrew)( (with Dana Freibach Heifetz)
  1. A Feminist Perspective on Natality Policies in Multicultural Societies 2 Law and Ethics of Human Rights, 181-220 (2008)
  1. On Conceptual Dichotomies and Social Oppression, 34 Philosophy and Social Criticism 515-535 (2008) (with Dana Freibach Heifetz)
  1. Contextualizing Multiculturalizm – A Three Dimensional Examination of Multicultural Claims, 1 Law and Ethics of Human Rights 309-353 (2007)
  1. The Conflict Between Freedom of Religion and Association and Equal Employment Opportunities – A Comparative Look, 11 Avoda Hevra VeMishpat 323-356 (2005) (Hebrew)
  1. The Limits of Equality – Reflections Following Ruth Halperin Kaddari’s Women in Israel: A State of Their Own, 8 Mishpat VeMimshal 391-428 (Spring 2005) (Hebrew)
  1. Gender Construction and the Limits of Liberal Equality, 15 Texas Journal of Women & Law 43-79 (2005)
  1. The Liberal Bind: The Conflict Between Women’s Rights and Patriarchal Religion in the Liberal State, 31 Social Theory and Practice 191-231 (2005)
  1. The Free Exercise of Discrimination: Religious Liberty, Civic Community and Women’s Equality, 10 William & Mary Journal of Women & Law 459-532 (2004)
  1. Countenancing the Oppression of Women: How Liberals Tolerate Religious and Cultural Practices that Discriminate Against Women, 12 Columbia Journal of Gender & Law 154-221 (2003)


  1. Chapters in Books:


  1. “The Arab Minority, the Ultra-orthodox Minority and Multiculturalism in Israel” in Law, Minority, and national conflict, (Raef Zreik and Ilan Saban eds.), 11-52 (Law, Society and Culture, Tel Aviv University Press, 2017) (Hebrew) [double blind peer review]


  1. “The Ultra-Orthodox Community in Israel and the Right to an Exclusively Religious Education”in Constitutional Secularism in an Age of Religious Revival: Pitting the Enlightenment Against Global and Local Fundamentalisms, 311-325 (Susanna Mancini, Michel Rosenfeld, and Hélène Ruiz-Fabri eds.) (Oxford, 2013)


  1. “National Identity and Religion State Relations – Israel in Comparative Perspective” in Israeli Constitutional Law at a Crossroads, (Gideon Sapir, Dafna Barak-Erez and Aharon Barak eds.), 503-516 (Hart Publishing 2013)


  1. Women as the Bearers of the Nation: Between Liberal and Ethnic Citizenship” in Democratic Citizenship and War (Peled et. al. eds.), 164-179 (Routledge 2011) [double blind peer review]


III. Edited Volumes:


  1. Editor in chief, volume 12 of Law and Ethics of Human Rights on

Global Constitutionalism and Human Rights (forthcoming 2018) (co-edited with Iddo Poart)

  1. Editor in chief, volume 11 of Law and Ethics of Human Rights on

Human Rights and the Rights of Non-Humans (2017) (co-edited with Tali Amir and Iddo Poart)

  1. Editor in chief, volume 10 of Law and Ethics of Human Rights on

Public Religions Private Communities and Human Rights (2016)

  1. Editor in chief, volume 9 of Law and Ethics of Human Rights on

Human Rights and the Human Mind (2015)

  1. Editor in chief, volume 8 of Law and Ethics of Human Rights on Intergenerational Justice (2014) (co-edited with Pamela Laufer Ukeles and Shelly Kreiczer-Levy)
  1. Guest Editor, Volume 2 of Law and Ethics of Human Rights on

Demography and Human Rights (2008) (co-edited with Moshe Cohen Elyia)


  1. Book Reviews


  1. Review of Avihai Dorfman, Freedom of Religion and Freedom from Religion A Democratic Perspective, in 11 Hamerhav Haziburi 147-150 (2016)
  1. The Israeli Supreme Court between Law and Politics: Review of Assaf Meydani, The Israeli Supreme Court and the Human Rights Revolution (2011)” 48 Tulsa L. Rev. 257-264 (2013)


  1. Entries in Encyclopedias


  1. “Reproductive Rights”, Max Planck Encyclopedia of Comparative Constitutional Law (Rüdiger Wolfrum, Frauke Lachenmann Rainer Grote Eds.) (OUP, 2018)

  1. Creation stories”, The Wiley-Blackwell Encyclopedia of Gender and Sexuality Studies (Nancy Naples, Maithree Wickramasinghe, Angela Wong Wai Ching Eds.) (2016);jsessionid=B1D0CAD7648A69221879452B471DE0B5.f04t03
  1. Non Scientific Publications


* Gila Stopler, Upsetting the Israeli Jewish-Democratic Balance: From the Declaration of Establishment to the Nation-State Bill, ConstitutionNet, International IDEA, 17.4.18, at:

* The Supreme Court as a Barrier against a Hostile Takeover of the Powers of the Knesset by the Government, ICON-S-IL Blog , 25.3.2018 (Hebrew)


* Gila Stopler, Constitutional Capture in Israel, Int’l J. Const. L. Blog, Aug. 21, 2017

* Introduction to I-CONnect/ICON-S-IL Symposium: Constitutional Capture in Israel?, Int’l J. Const. L. Blog, Aug. 20, 2017

* “Women’s Rights: Law, and Justice in the State of Israel” 55 The Israeli Affairs Quarterly Journal, 43-51 (Autumn 2014)

* “Police State? Rabbinate State” 22 Orech-Hadin 120-123 (January 2014)

* Opinion articles in Israeli daily news outlets on constitutional law and civil rights law issues:” Enacting a Constitution for the Greater Israel”, Haaretz Daily, 21.5.18; “Is it ‘Defiant’ to be a Female Pilot?” Haaretz Daily 13.3.18; “Fundamentalist for Liberals and Liberal for Fundamentalists” Haaretz Daily, 11.01.18; “ Harassment, Exclusion and Silencing” Haaretz Daily, 26.11.2017; “Penalty Card Against the Government” Haaretz Daily, 12.9.2017; “Draining away the Substance of Democracy” Haaretz Daily, 6.5.2017; “Now You Remember Women’s Segregation?”, Haaretz Daily, 10.1.2012; “This is Not Multiculturalism, It is Haredi Coercion” Ynet, 17.1.2012; “No Entry For Women and Arabs” Ynet, 9.12.2010; “Undemocratic Demography”, Ynet, 14.2.2007 (with Moshe Cohen Elyia);


Gila Stopler, Liberal (Ir) Resolutions: The Conflict between Women’s Rights and Patriarchal Religion and Culture in Western Liberal States, JSD dissertation, New York University School of Law (Spring 2004) (236 pp.)


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