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Prof. Iddo Porat





Iddo Porat is an associate professor of law at the College of Law and Business. He received his LL.B. from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, magna cum laude (joint program with the Department of Philosophy), clerked at the Israeli Supreme Court (Justice Dalia Dorner) and received his LLM and JSD from Stanford Law School. Porat was a visiting professor at San Diego Law School (2008-2009) and a Senior Fellow at the Center for Comparative Constitutional Studies at Melbourne Law School (2017-2018). Porat’s teaching engagements include teaching in San Diego Law School, Melbourne Law School, NUS (Singapore) and HKU (Hong Kong). Porat’s areas of research are constitutional law, comparative constitutional law, and legal theory. His recent co-edited book is Towering Judges: A Comparative Study of Constitutional Judges (CUP 2021) (with Rehan Abeyratne). His previous co-written book is Proportionality and Constitutional Culture (CUP 2013) (with Moshe Cohen-Eliya).

Book – Towering Judges: A Comparative Study of Constitutional Judges (Cambridge University Press, 2021) (co-edited with Rehan Abeyratne)

Book – Proportionality and Constitutional Culture (Cambridge University Press, 2013) (co-authored with Moshe Cohen-Eliya)

The Platonic Conception of the Israeli Constitution in Rosalind Dixon and Adrienne Stone (eds.) The Invisible Constitution in Comparative Perspective (forthcoming in 2018, Cambridge University Press)

The Administrative Origins of Constitutional Rights and Global Constitutionalism in Vicky Jackson and Mark Tushnet (eds.) Proportionality: New Frontiers, New Challenges 103 (Cambridge University Press 2017) (co-written with Moshe Cohen-Eliya)

The Use of Foreign Law in Israeli Constitutional Decisions, in in Gideon Sapir, Daphne Barak-Erez & Aharon Barak Israeli Constitutional Law in the Making (Hart 2013).

Judicial Minimalism and the Double Effect of Rules and Standard26 Canadian Journal of Law and Jurisprudence 283 (2012) (with Moshe Cohen-Eliya).

Proportionality and the Culture of Justification (with Moshe Cohen-Eliya), 59 American Journal of Comparative Law 463 (2011)

American Balancing and German Proportionality: The Historical Origins  8(2) I.CON – International Journal of International Law 263 (2010) (with Moshe Cohen-Eliya) (this article was also chosen to be presented in the inaugural meeting of the Harvard-Stanford International Junior Faculty Forum (October 2008).

The Plural Applications of Value Pluralism 46 San Diego Law Review 909-924 (2010).

Who is Afraid of Channel 7? (co-authored with Issi Rosen-Zvi), 38 Stanford Journal of International Law 79-95 (2002).

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