PHD student, Orly Barshavsky Avrahami

PhD student, Orly Barshavsky Avrahami, with a BSc in mathematics (with honors) from Bar Ilan University in 2007, and a MSc in mathematics (2012), also from Bar Ilan University. Research completed in Group Representation of affine Lie algebra G, defined by the Cartan Matrix.

As mentioned, PhD student in the final process of graduation. Research in images of non-commutative polynomials, specifically those which are not the sum of commutators.

Teacher’s assistant in the departments of mathematics, computer science and engineering in various academic institutions in Israel.

O.Barshavsky. M.Fayers, M.Schaps


Finding the maximal dominant weights in a highest-weight module for an affine Lie algebra. (2011)


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