Dr. Ronit Donyets-Kedar
Dr. Ronit Donyets-Kedar





Dr. Ronit Donyets-Kedar is a senior lecturer at the College of Law and Business, and the co-founder of the Corporate Social Responsibility Institute. She has graduated, Summa Cum Laude, from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem Faculty of Law, where she won the Weinfeld award for excellence in labor law.  Dr. Donyets-Kedar has earned her LL.M And JSD degrees from New York University School of Law. She wrote her doctoral thesis in legal philosophy (“Owing More to Each Other: Rethinking Contractualism in Ethics”), under the supervision of Prof. Liam Murphy.

Dr. Donyets-Kedar teaches Legal philosophy, Corporate Social Responsibility, Contract Law, Unjust Enrichment, and Interpretation in law, as well as Legal Aspects of Privatization. Her areas of research include: legal and moral philosophy, political philosophy, corporate social responsibility and private power. Her current project is a a philosophical analysis of responsibility in morality, politics and law.



  • . “Reclaiming Memory in an Era of Platform Power, 84 (3) Brooklyn Law Review (forthcoming, 2019) (with Shelly Kreiczer Levy).
  • “Cities as Stakeholders”, The Legal Power of Cities: Global Perspectives in Urban Law (Nestor Davidson et. Al. eds.), Fordham University and Routledge (forthcoming, 2018)
  • “Challenging Corporate Personhood Theory: Reclaiming the Public“,

Law and Ethics of Human Rights (2017)

  • “Interpretation in Contract Law” (2017) Hukim (in Hebrew);
  • “The Social Responsibility of Food Corporations“, “Mishpat, Hevra, Tarbut“, Tel-Aviv University, (Mautner et. al. eds.) (2017) (Hebrew).
  • “Corporate Social Responsibility in the City“, in: Corporations and the City, (with A. Golan) (Y. Blank and A. Churchman Academic Advisors), Resling Publishing (2017).
  • “The Next Generation of CSR in Israel”, in “Markets, Politics and Law: Corporate Social Responsibility in Israel (With O. Sitbon), (R. Kedar, O. Sitbon, eds., Resling Publishing (2017).
  • Perpetuating the Casual: Inheriting Digital Assets“, End of Life, (S. Lavie al. eds.) (in Hebrew, with Shelly Kreizer Levi). (Forthcoming 2018).
  • Rethinking Responsibility in Private Law“, in Privatization, Vulnerability and Social Responsibility (M. Fineman, et al eds.), Ashgate (2016).
  • “A Theory of the Just Corporation“, 38 (2) Seattle U. Law Rev. (2015)
  • “Abandoning the Public Private divide: Towards a new concept of Responsibility”, 42 Mishpatim Law Review(2014) (in Hebrew);
  • “Aggressive Tax Planning and Corporate Social Responsibility in Israel“, Journal of Accountancy Business and the Public Interest (2013) (with O. Sitbon, M. Harari)
  • “CSR and Clinical Legal Education: Challenging the Limits of Law“, 17 Hamishpat  (2012) (with O. Sitbon) (in Hebrew);
  • “Reciprocity in Morality and Law”, 6 Law and Ethics of Human Rights (2011)
  • “The Unrecognized Dominance of Law in Morality: The Case of Promises“, 24(1) Canadian Journal of Law & Jurisprudence (2011) 79

Books edited


  1. Business of Cities, Cities of Business: Corporatizing Urban Spaces (with Avirama Golan), Resling Publishing (2017), (Hebrew)
  1. Markets, Law and Politics: On Corporate Social Responsibility (With O. Sitbon), Resling Publishing (2017) (Hebrew)
  1. Guest Editor, 7 Law and Ethics of Human Rights, Issue on “Borders and Human Rights” (with Tally Kritzman-Amir) (2013)

Other Publications:

  1. Corporate Social Responsibility: Sustainability Reporting” (With L. Ortar, O. Sitbon), The Corporate Social Institute and The Knesset Research Center (2013)
  1. Co-Editor, “The Missing Billions: A field Research on Corporate Aggressive Tax Planning in Israel” (with M. Harari and O. Sitbon), Public Report of the Corporate Social Institute (2011)
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