Dr. Shahar Weller





Shahar Weller is a senior lecturer at the Academic Center of Law and Business. He graduated from the Hebrew University (1992); earned his LL.M (magna cum laude, 1995) and LL.D. (1999) from the Hebrew University and did his post-doctorate at Berkely law school (2000-2001). He worked as a lawyer at the Attorney General’s office and for private firms. His areas of research include: Insurance law, contract law and consumer law. Dr. Weller is a leading scholar in insurance law in Israel. He is the author of the main textbooks in the field.

Insurance Contract Law, 1981, v. 1 (2005).

Insurance Contract Law, 1981, v. 2 (2007).

Disclosure Duties of Insureds in Insurance Contracts (2002).

The Insurance Part in the Civil Code Bill – A Critical Appraisal, Mishpatim (Hebrew University Law Review) (Forthcoming) (In Hebrew).

Coordination of Coverage, 33 Mishpatim 285 (Hebrew University Law Review) (2003) (In Hebrew).



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