שלי קרייצר
Prof. Shelly Kreiczer-Levy
Vice Dean of the Law School





Shelly Kreiczer-Levy is a Professor of Law and the Vice Dean of the Law School at the College of Law and Business, in Ramat Gan, Israel. She holds an LL. B. (2004) and a PhD (2009) from Tel Aviv University law school. Prof. Kreiczer-Levy clerked for Supreme Court Chief Justice, Aharon Barak (2003-2004). She served as the Chairperson of the Israeli Association of Private Law, and was the recipient of the Zeltner Award for Young Promising Scholars (2016). She has taught at Cornell Law School, and served as a Visiting Researcher at Yale Law School, and a Visiting Scholar at both Harvard Law School and Emory Law School, and a Visiting Scientist at Pauda University Law School. Her research interests are located at the intersection of property law and intimacy as well as property and technology. Her work has been published in leading law reviews including the American Journal of Comparative Law, Wisconsin Law Review, Yale Law and Policy Review, Washington Law Review, Maryland Law Review, and Law and Social Inquiry. Her book Destabilized Property: Property Law in the Sharing Economy, was published in 2019 by Cambridge University Press.



Destabilized Property: Property Law in the Sharing Economy (Cambridge University Press 2019).









Articles (selected)

  1. The Consumer Bundle, 99 Washington Law Review (forthcoming 2024)
  2. The Family of the City; The Family of the Country American Journal of Comparative Law (w/Baoshi Wang) (forthcoming 2024)
  3. Reclaiming Feudalism for the Technological Era, 41 Cardozo Arts & Entertainment Law Journal 183 (2023)
  4. Big Data and the Modern Family, 2019 Wisconsin Law Review 349
  5. Parents and Adult Children: The Elusive Boundaries of the Legal Family Law and Social Inquiry (forthcoming 2018) (review essay)
  6. Share, Own, Access, 36 Yale Law and Policy Review 155 (2017)
  7. The Informal Property Rights of Boomerang Children in the Home 74 Maryland Law 127 Review (2014).


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