Prof. Uri Benoliel





Prof. Benoliel is an Associate Professor of Law at the College of Law and Business.

His fields of expertise include: Franchise Law, Contract Law, Empirical Legal Studies, and Law & Economics.

Prof. Benoliel received his J.S.D. from UC Berkeley, California (dissertation grade: High Honors). He graduated with an LL.M. (Stone Honors) from Columbia University, New York and an LL.B., cum laude, from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Dean’s List honoree in every academic year).

Prof. Benoliel was awarded the Lady Davis Scholarship (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), the Wien Scholarship (Columbia University, New York), the Raneri Scholarship (University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia), the Best Paper Award by the International Society of Franchising, and he also won a competition to represent the Hebrew University in a mock trial at the International Court of Justice in Hague.

Prof. Benoliel founded the first Israeli team to compete in the Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot. He also pioneered the way for the College of Law and Business to participate in the ICC’s International Commercial Mediation Competition for the first time, where the College placed first in the world out of 66 teams.

Prof. Benoliel was invited as a speaker to several leading legal conferences, among them the Annual Meeting of the American Law and Economics Association, the Conference on Empirical Legal Studies, the Annual Conference of the European Association of Law and Economics, the Annual Meeting of the Canadian Law and Economics Association, the Annual Meeting of the Midwestern Law and Economics Association, and the Annual Meeting of the Israeli Law and Economics Association.

Prof. Benoliel interned with the Vice President of the Supreme Court, Justice Theodore Orr. He then completed a clerkship with Theodore Orr, during the latter’s tenure as an arbitrator.

  1. The Duty to Read the Unreadable, Boston College Law Review (forthcoming) (with Samuel Becher)

Good Cause Statutes Revisited: An Empirical Assessment, 90 Indiana Law Journal 1177 (2015) (with Adi Ayal)

The Interpretation of Commercial Contracts: An Empirical Study, 69 Alabama Law Review 469 (2017)


Are Disclosures Readable? An Empirical Test, 70 Alabama Law Review 237 (2018) (with Xu (Vivian) Zheng)

Revitalizing the Case for Good Cause Statutes: The Role of Review Sites, 19 Stanford Journal of Law, Business & Finance 331 (2014) (with Adi Ayal)

The Impossibility Doctrine in Commercial Contracts: An Empirical Analysis, Brooklyn Law Review (forthcoming)

Can Franchisee Associations Serve as a Substitute for Franchisee Protection Laws, 118 Penn State Law Review 99 (2014) (with Robert W. Emerson)


The Course of Performance Doctrine in Commercial Contracts: An Empirical Analysis, 68 DePaul Law Review (2018)

Revisiting the Rationality Assumption of Disclosure Laws: An Empirical Analysis, 46 Hofstra Law Review (2018) (with Jenny Buchan and Tony Gutentag)


Are Disclosures Really Standardized: An Empirical Analysis,62 Villanova Law Review 1 (2017)

The Commercial Agency Contract Law and its Partial Protection of Commercial Agents, 9 Hukim 51 (2017; Hebrew)

Franchisees’ Optimism Bias and the Inefficiency of the FTC Franchise Rule, 13 DePaul Business & Commercial Law Journal 411 (2015) (with Jenny Buchan)

Distribution Contract Termination: Ambiguity in Present Law and the Need for Legislation, Hukim (2014; Hebrew)

Are Franchisees Well-Informed? Revisiting the Debate over Franchise Relationship Laws, 76 Albany Law Review 193 (2013) (with Robert W. Emerson)

Criticizing the Economic Analysis of Franchise Encroachment Law, 75 Albany Law Review 205 (2011-2012)

Rethinking the U.S. Supreme Court’s Abandonment Requirement in Mac’s Shell Service v. Shell Oil Products, 43 Rutgers Law Journal 77 (2011)

The Expectation of Continuity Effect and Franchise Termination Laws: A Behavioral Perspective, 46 American Business Law Journal 139 (2009)

The Behavioral Law and Economics of Franchise Tying Contracts, 41 Rutgers Law Journal 527 (2010)

Reputation Life Cycle: The Case of Franchising, 13 Chapman Law Review 1 (2009)

The Expectation of Continuity Effect and Franchise Termination Laws: A Behavioral Perspective, 46 American Business Law Journal 139 (2009)

Rethinking the Distributor-Manufacturer Fiduciary Relationship: A Marketing Channels Perspective, 45 American Business Law Journal 187 (2008)



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