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Yoav Hammer is a Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor). He teaches Internet Law, Media Law, Law and Society. He received an LL.B. degree from the faculty of law at Tel-Aviv University, and an M.A. and Ph. D from the department of philosophy at the University of Chicago. In 2013-2014 he was a visiting scholar at the political science department, Columbia University. His areas of research are: Freedom of Speech, Communications Law and Policy, Law and Democracy.

Should Corporations Have a Right to Political Speech? Journal of Law and Ethics of Human Rights, 2016 (forthcoming).

Nontransparent Lobbying as a Democratic Failure (Cohen-Eliya, co-author) William and Mary Policy Review, vol. 2, 265 (2011).

He is currently writing a book whose tentative title is:  Money and Democracy: How economic elites control politics.

An Argument from Democracy against School Choice: A critique of Zelman v. Simmons-Harris (Cohen-Eliya, co-author), 49 Loyola Law Review, 859 (2003).

Advertisements, Stereotypes, and Freedom of Expression, Journal of Social Philosophy (Cohen-Eliya, co-author), vol. 35 (2), 165 (2004).

Expressions which Preclude Rational Processing: The Case for Regulating Non-Informational Advertisements, 27 Whittier Law Review, 435 (2005).

Multiculturalism and the Mass Media, Journal of Law and Ethics of Human Rights, vol. 1, 169 (2007).

Democracy, Educational Autonomy, and Israeli Law: The Case of the Ultra-Orthodox Minority in Israel (Dahan, co-author), in Citizenship, Education and Social Conflict: Israeli Political Education in Global Perspective 151( Hanan A.  Alexander, Halleli Pinson, Yossi Yonah eds.) Routledge (2011).

Advertisements and the Public Discourse in a Democracy, Journal of Law and Ethics of Human Rights, vol. 5(2) (2011).

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