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Former dean of the Business School at the College of Law and Business (CLB). Before joining CLB, Prof. Mitki served as Dean of the Business School at the Lander Institute-Jerusalem Academic Center and took part in creating its first program for ultra-orthodox students in Israel. He also served as the Dean of the School for Social Sciences and Management at Ruppin Academic Center where he founded and directed the Business Administration Department as well as the first Executive B.A. program in Israel.

Prof. Mitki was a guest lecturer at universities in the United States, Sweden, Australia, China, and Thailand. He has been invited to give professional managerial seminars in developing countries throughout Eastern Europe, Asia, and Africa organized by the local governments in collaboration with the Israeli Foreign Ministry.

Prof. Mitki has experience over 30 years as consultant to companies both in Israel and abroad in the fields of implementing advanced managerial methods and initiating improvement and growth processes in organizations. Over the years he was also on the board of directors of several Israeli companies.

Research Interests

Humane Resource Strategy, Advanced Managerial Methods, Organizational Learning, System-Wide Transformations.


B.A. Tel-Aviv University, Department of Political Sciences (with distinction).

M.A. Tel-Aviv University, Department of Labor Studies (with distinction).

Ph.D. Tel-Aviv University, Departments of Labor Studies


Advanced Managerial Approaches: Principles and Implementation.
Business Strategy and Human Resources Policy.
Organizational Learning.
Consultation and Intervention Processes in Organizations.
Managing Organizational Change.
Integrative Seminar on Management and Organizational Development.
Sociotechnical Systems.

Significant professional contributions

1. Implementation in Israel of advanced managerial approaches

Leadership and involvement in the implementation of advanced managerial approaches and mainly the Sociotechnical Systems (STS) approach in Israel. This activity includes imparting principles to top and middle level managers, consultants and students by means of lectures, courses, seminars and publication of professional articles. In addition, consultancy and organization guidance in the adoption and application of STS and advanced managerial approaches, including the design of mechanisms for the implementation process. Collaboration with colleagues from universities all over the world mainly in developing STS concept and intervention tools. Taking active part in international conferences and guiding seminars and workshops on this topic in academic and professional institutions in Israel and abroad

2. Innovation and design of academic programs, courses and pedagogic methods:

(Founding, designing and heading of new academic programs:
At the Ruppin Academic Center: Department of Business Administration, including its three majors (marketing, information systems and human resource management and organizational development), and unique first-of-its kind in Israel, executive BA program in Business Administration.
At Lander Institute, The Jerusalem Academic Center: MBA program and a Special BA program in Business Administration for Extreme Orthodox Religious Jews (“Haredim”) taught in separate campus
Developing of new courses: “Sociotechnical systems as an organizational-managerial approach”, “Advanced managerial approaches”, “Business strategy and human resource management” and, “Organizational learning and continuous improvement”.
Adopting new pedagogic and teaching methods mainly by promoting an integrative and interdisciplinary approach to management studies and by putting emphasis on teamwork and team spirit as part of the educational perspective.

Membership in professional and scientific societies

American Academy of Management, Divisions of: HRM, OB, OD & Managerial Consultation
Member, EGOS – European Group for Organizational Studies
Member. STS RT – Sociotechnical Round Table
Member, The Israeli Management Center

Awards, Honors and Fellowships

Ruppin Academic Center, President’s award for excellence in teaching.
Ruppin Academic Center, Department of Business Administration. Best teacher of the year according to students’ evaluation and the unit of quality assessment..
Tel-Aviv University, Department of Labor Studies, Best teacher of the year, according to students’ evaluation.
Tel-Aviv University, Scholarship awarded by the Rector of the University and the Dean of the Social Sciences Faculty for excellence in Doctoral Studies.
Scholarship for Doctoral Studies from the Histadrut Trade Union Organization. Tel-Aviv University, Faculty of Social Sciences
Dean’s award for Academic Excellence throughout M.A. studies (each consecutive year).
Tel-Aviv University, Faculty of Social Sciences, Dean’s award for Academic Excellence throughout B.A. Studies (each consecutive year).

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