Candidates can receive only one scholarships which the CLB is granting.

Applicants with a previous degreesAmount
Candidates who holds a first degree15% per year
Candidates who holds a second degree30% per year
Candidates who holds a third degree50% per year

Grade based scholarship*

Israeli high school diploma (Bagrut) or an equivalent diploma
Average of 100+ or equivalent20% first year*
Average of 90-99.9 or equivalent2000NIS first year*

Psychometric, SAT or equivalent exam grade

650 or equivalent30% first year*
651-700 or equivalent50% first year*
701+ or equivalent100% first year*
* The continuation of the grade based scholarship for the advances years, is stipulated with an average above 90+ in the academic studies.


Human Rights Division Scholarship10,000NIS per year**
Applicant must present Human Rights activities in his CV, and hold an interview with the head of the division.

For details about the Human Rights Division and the scholarship project, as well as the application form for the scholarship, please read the information (Hebrew) or contact the International Office.

**Up to 3 years (starting from the first year)

Veterans10,000NIS total
up to 3 years from their released from duty
Ramat-Gan ResidencesUp to 7,000NIS per year
Ashdod Residences6,500 NIS per year




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