Tuition Foundation

Financing arrangement of the tuition fund and the CLB, enabling students a bank loan of up to NIS 20,000 in very good terms for the payment of tuition

AmountNumber of PaymentsTerms
Up to 15,000NISUp to 60Without interest or linkage
Up to 40,000NISUp to 60Without link

According to regulations.

The Magbit Foundation of Greater Los Angeles:

The Magbit Fund is offering CLB students a $ 2,500 Loan per year without interest or linkage . Students can return the loan up to a year after graduation with up to 12 payments.

Preference will be given to students considering the criteria of military service, socioeconomic background, new immigrants, academic year and academic excellence.

For more details, please contact the International Office.

Publish 16/05/2018 11:16:17
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