CLB welcomes incoming exchange students to study for a semester or for an entire degree. The students are invited to select courses from a variety of courses offered in English.

The applicants will work with an academic advisor to build a personal schedule and select relevant courses according to what is offered each semester and in consideration of necessary prerequisites.

CLB will also assist the incoming students to meet their academic goals, get settled, and support them throughout their time in Israel.


International students who are coming for a three months term and more, must hold a Student Visa – A/2. Students who are attending a program that is shorter than three months can use a Tourist Visa – B/2. For more information about the process, please visit at the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.

Students must issue a visa before their arrival to Israel, and it’s under their responsibility, however, the International office will be happy to assist with any problem that may occur.

Health Insurance

International students are required to purchase a comprehensive health insurance coverage for all the health needs while in Israel.

You can purchase insurance on your own or via a local agency, which experts in international students with an overall insurance protection programs for ~$1.75 per day.

Housing & Transportation

The international office is assisting each student with accommodation’s solutions, and there are many in campus’ area. The solutions depends on the student’s budget, while the prices for a fully furniture apartments are moving between 400-650 USD per person per month.

Student are also eligible for a public transportation discount of up to 50% from the full price (~85 US cents for a one way local ticket).

Grading system

At CLB, 13 academic hours are 1 credit point (CP), which is equivalent to 585 classroom minutes. One academic hour is 45 classroom minutes, and therefore 13 academic hours x 45 minutes each, are worth 1 CP.

GradeRemarksSuggested U.S. Equivalent
95 – 100ExcellentA+
85 – 94Very GoodA
75 – 84GoodB
65 – 74FairC
60 – 64PassC-
0 – 59FailF


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