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Blockchain and Distributed Ledgers are the underlying technologies of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, but also enable many other use cases to rely on immutable information and executable code – ‘smart contracts’. The seminar provides students with a profound understanding of the economic incentives and the legal structures underlying blockchain applications in business and in law. Academic classes alternate with lectures by practitioners from business and law firms as well as government institutions, all applying blockchain technology. A three-hour basic programming workshop will provide a first-hand experience in the technical background of blockchains and ‘smart contracts’.

The seminar is organized by the College of Law and Business in Israel and the University of Kassel in Germany, and will take place at Tel Aviv metropolitan area, one of the world’s most innovative start-up cities. Alongside the academic lectures, touristic and study tours will take place as well.

We invite advanced bachelor and master students from law, economics, business and related fields to participate in the interdisciplinary seminar.


Selected Topics

How Blockchains work | Cryptocurrencies | Regulating Blockchain | Smart Contracts | Incentive Structures |

Securities and Monetary Regulations | Legal Tech | Security Tokens | Entrepreneurship in Israel  

 Practical Workshop



For the Fully curriculum:

seminar’s curriculum


Social Activities and Study Tours

Professional study tours

 Professional study tours – Visit leading Law Firms, Israel’s Central Bank, Israel’s Supreme Court, the Israeli Parliament (“The Knesset”) and meeting with government officials.



Professional study tours

Jerusalem – Tour Of History” – Visit to “Yad Vashem” – The World Holocaust Remembrance Center followed by Guided tour to the old city of Jerusalem with its ancient sites.



Professional study tours

“Tel-Aviv Night Out” – Dinner at one of Tel-Aviv’s fine restaurants, following a visit to one of the vibrant bars that the city that never sleeps has to offer.




“Floating at the lowest point on earth”

“Floating at the lowest point on earth”: tour to Masada fortress and the Dead Sea, where you can float on the salty water, and enjoy lunch and spa treatments at a beautiful Hotel.


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