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The College of Law and Business Business-School is committed to preparing students to become leaders and successful business managers in the global economy. Our student-centered program combines experiential learning and global problem-solving and critical thinking skills for the next generation of business leaders. Our students are provided with a warm and supportive environment allowing them to achieve their full potential.

As part of the Start-Up Nation, CLB’s high-quality and interactive program focuses on innovation and sustainability, incorporating new venture development in the CLB Eco-Hub Incubator .

Student Centered Learning method

CLB’s Student-Centered Learning method focuses on developing students to become successful leaders in a complex and challenging global environment. CLB is the first school in Israel to incorporate the interactive case-method developed by some of the leading business schools in the world such as Harvard, Darden, and INSEAD. The school operates an Open-Door policy and a supportive environment, where each student receives personal attention to enhance their learning and growth.

The “Start Up” Nation

The “Start Up” Nation CLB’s program focuses on the driving forces of innovation, sustainability, and technology at the heart of the “Startup Nation”. As part of the program, students interact with leading global technology companies that operate in Israel, such as Intel, Google, ISCAR, Teva, and Naan Dan Jain Irrigation. The program integrates joint projects with “start-up” companies and opportunities for students to develop their own “start-up” in the CLB ECO-Hub Incubator in their final year of the program.

Global approach

We understand the importance of engaging global markets and offer students study tours to China and India as well as short term programs world-wide.


CLB@Net.Work is a new technological incubator started by CLB in cooperation with the Ramat-Gan Municipality and its innovation center – NET.WORK. CLB@Net.Work opened its doors exclusively in October 2018 and will function as a home to entrepreneurs and provide them with all they need to turn an idea into a successful start-up.
Every year, 6-8 startups are accepted for a 6-month mentoring program. As part of the incubator each project works with a team of students specializing in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at CLB @ Net as part of their final year In addition students that want to develop their own imitative are encouraged to do so. Mentors from the industry together with entrepreneurs and businesspeople together with the CLB faculty serve as a resource both for the students and the startup initiatives.

+Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar


TBDOrientation Day For LL.b and B.a
24/10/2021Beginning of the first Semester
05/12/2021 (No Classes)Hanukkah Vacation
23/01/2022Completion Day for classes missed over Hanikkah
23/01/2022End of the first Semester
20/02/2022Beginning of the second Semester
17/03/2022 (No Classes)Purim vacation
12/04/2022-23/04/2022 (No Classes)Passover Vacation
27/04/2022 (School ends at 18:00)Holocaust Memorial Day (Eve)
28/04/2022 (Class Break at 13:00-13:45)Holocaust Memorial Day (Ceremony)
04/05/2022 (Class Break at 13:00-13:45)Israel Memorial Day (Ceremony)
03/05/2022 (School Ends at 16:00)Israel Memorial Day
05/05/2022 (No Classes)Israel Independence Day
TBDStudent’s Day
05/06/2022 (No Classes)Shavout Vacation
Completion Day for Thursdays: 29/05/2022 & 06/06/2022Completion Day for classes missed over Holidays
Completion Day for Wednesdays: 30/05/2022 & 07/06/2022
Completion Day for Tuesday: 07/06/2022
07/06/2022End of the Second Semester
TBDGraduation Ceremony
10/07/2022Beginning of the third Semester
07/08/2022Tish’a B’av Fast
25-27/09/2022 (No Classes)Rosh Hashana
30/09/2022End of the third Semester
04-05/10/2022 (No Classes)Yom Kippur


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