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ראש המסלול למחקר קליני, אפידמיולוגיה וחקר בסיסי נתונים רפואיים.

מנהל מכון המחקר קופת חולים מכבי שירותי בריאות (מכביטק) ופרופ' מן המניין בפקולטה לרפואה באוניברסיטת תל אביב.

Decline in estimated glomerular filtration rate and subsequent risk of end-stage renal disease and mortality‏

Risk of cataract after exposure to low doses of ionizing radiation: a 20-year prospective cohort study among US radiologic technologists‏

The association between psoriasis, diabetes mellitus, and atherosclerosis in Israel: a case-control study‏

The association between psoriasis, diabetes mellitus, and atherosclerosis in Israel: a case-control study‏

Chronic urticaria and autoimmunity: associations found in a large population study‏

Kidney-failure risk projection for the living kidney-donor candidate‏

Severe pandemic 2009 H1N1 influenza disease due to pathogenic immune complexes‏

High prevalence of vitamin D insufficiency in athletes and dancers‏

Multinational assessment of accuracy of equations for predicting risk of kidney failure: a meta-analysis‏

Excess lifetime cancer mortality risk attributable to radiation exposure from computed tomography examinations in children.‏

Continuation of statin treatment and all-cause mortality: a population-based cohort study‏

Cardiovascular events associated with SGLT-2 inhibitors versus other glucose-lowering drugs: the CVD-REAL 2 study‏

Long-term persistence with statin treatment in a not-for-profit health maintenance organization: a population-based retrospective cohort study in Israel‏

Diabetes as a risk factor for herpes zoster infection: results of a population-based study in Israel‏

Diabetes and risk of incident cancer: a large population-based cohort study in Israel‏

A meta-analysis of the association of estimated GFR, albuminuria, diabetes mellitus, and hypertension with acute kidney injury‏

Effect of cranberry juice on eradication of Helicobacter pylori in patients treated with antibiotics and a proton pump inhibitor

Barriers and success factors in health information technology: A practitioner's perspective‏

Prevalence of epilepsy and attention-deficit hyperactivity (ADHD) disorder: a population-based study‏

The risk of overt diabetes mellitus among women with gestational diabetes: a population‐based study‏

Seasonality in birth weight: review of global patterns and potential causes‏

Gender differences in healthcare utilization and medical indicators among patients with diabetes‏

The epidemiology of diabetes in a large Israeli HMO‏

A population based study of the epidemiology of Herpes Zoster and its complications‏

Postoperative prognosis of unerupted teeth after removal of supernumerary teeth or odontomas‏

A meta-analysis of the association of estimated GFR, albuminuria, age, race, and sex with acute kidney injury‏

Food safety and hygiene practices of vendors during the chain of street food production in Florianopolis, Brazil: A cross-sectional study‏

Radiation cataractogenesis: epidemiology and biology‏

Invasive Kingella kingae infections in children: clinical and laboratory characteristics‏

Persistence with statins and onset of rheumatoid arthritis: a population-based cohort study‏

In vitro fertilization and risk of breast and gynecologic cancers: a retrospective cohort study within the Israeli Maccabi Healthcare Services‏

Seasonality in birth weight in Israel: new evidence suggests several global patterns and different etiologies‏

Increased warfarin doses and decreased international normalized ratio response after nationwide generic switching‏

The use of an automated patient registry to manage and monitor cardiovascular conditions and related outcomes in a large health organization‏

Prevalence and factors associated with resistant hypertension in a large health maintenance organization in Israel‏

Effectiveness of rotavirus vaccines for prevention of rotavirus gastroenteritis-associated hospitalizations in Israel: a case-control study‏

Epidemiology of endometriosis: a large population‐based database study from a healthcare provider with 2 million members‏

Rates of adherence and persistence with allopurinol therapy among gout patients in Israel‏

Red blood cell distribution width and the risk of cardiovascular morbidity and all-cause mortality‏

Reduced hospitalizations and death associated with influenza vaccination among patients with and without diabetes‏

Reliability of self-reported smoking history and age at initial tobacco use‏

Occupations at increased risk of hepatitis A: a 2-year nationwide historical prospective study‏

Serum potassium and adverse outcomes across the range of kidney function: a CKD Prognosis Consortium meta-analysis‏

Countrywide computer alerts to community physicians improve potassium testing in patients receiving diuretics‏

Incidence, characteristics, and economic burden of rotavirus gastroenteritis associated with hospitalization of Israeli children< 5 years of age, 2007–2008‏

Epidemiology and comorbidity of severe mental illnesses in the community: findings from a computerized mental health registry in a large Israeli health organization‏

Hepatotoxicity rates do not differ in patients with rheumatoid arthritis and psoriasis treated with methotrexate‏

Long‐term trends in hepatitis A incidence following the inclusion of Hepatitis A vaccine in the routine nationwide immunization program‏

Secular Trends in Age at Menarche, Smoking, and Oral Contraceptive Use Among Israeli Girls‏

Persistence with statins and incident cataract: a population-based historical cohort study‏

Agreement between diary records of time spent outdoors and personal ultraviolet radiation dose measurements‏

The implementation of managed care for diabetes using medical informatics in a large Preferred Provider Organization‏

Change in albuminuria and subsequent risk of end-stage kidney disease: an individual participant-level consortium meta-analysis of observational studies‏

Association of common thrombophilias and antiphospholipid antibodies with success rate of in vitro fertilisation‏

Reconsidering the connection between vitamin D levels and age-related macular degeneration‏

Occurrence of seizures in association with work‐related stress in young male army recruits‏

Physical activity and bone mineral density in adolescents with vitamin D deficiency‏

Brand versus generic alendronate: gastrointestinal effects measured by resource utilization‏

Vitamin D deficiency prevalence and cardiovascular risk in Israel‏

Format change of a laboratory test order form affects physician behavior‏

The uptake of rotavirus vaccine and its effectiveness in preventing acute gastroenteritis in the community‏

The UK transcatheter aortic valve implantation registry; one of the suite of registries hosted by the National Institute for Cardiovascular Outcomes Research (NICOR)‏

Ocular adverse effects of systemic treatment with isotretinoin‏

Gestational diabetes and risk of incident primary cancer: a large historical cohort study in Israel‏

The direct medical cost of cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, diabetes, cancer, pregnancy and female infertility in a large HMO in Israel‏

The risk of hepatitis A infection among healthcare workers: a review of reported outbreaks and sero-epidemiologic studies‏

The interval between prothrombin time tests and the quality of oral anticoagulants treatment in patients with chronic atrial fibrillation‏

The association between glycemic, lipids and blood pressure control among Israeli diabetic patients‏

Helicobacter pylori and Clostridium difficile in cystic fibrosis patients‏

Statin use and the risk of age related macular degeneration in a large health organization in Israel‏

Cost-effectiveness of varicella vaccination of healthcare workers‏

The impact of residents’ training in Electronic Medical Record (EMR) use on their competence: Report of a pragmatic trial‏

A retrospective study of the incidence of diagnosed Type 1 diabetes among children and adolescents in a large health organization in Israel, 2000–2008‏

Assessment of ecological regression in the study of colon, breast, ovary, non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, or prostate cancer and residential UV‏

The utilization of pediatric computed tomography in a large Israeli Health Maintenance Organization‏

The direct medical cost of diabetes in Israel‏

Silicone breast implants and the risk of autoimmune/rheumatic disorders: a real-world analysis‏

Retinal nerve fiber layer may be better preserved in MOG-IgG versus AQP4-IgG optic neuritis: a cohort study‏

Continuation of statin therapy and primary prevention of nonfatal cardiovascular events‏

Similar prevalence of founder BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations among Ashkenazi and non-Ashkenazi men with breast cancer: evidence from 261 cases in Israel, 1976–1999‏

Radiation risks from pediatric computed tomography scanning‏

Screening for gestational diabetes in the 21st century: a population-based cohort study in Israel‏

Time trends in reported autistic spectrum disorders in Israel, 1972–2004‏

Development and validation of a predictive model for detection of colorectal cancer in primary care by analysis of complete blood counts: a binational retrospective study‏

Association of Helicobacter pylori infection with Shigella gastroenteritis in young children‏

Measures of chronic kidney disease and risk of incident peripheral artery disease: a collaborative meta-analysis of individual participant data‏

Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency and type 2 diabetes‏

Pemphigus variant associated with penicillin use: a case-cohort study of 363 patients from Israel‏

Cost-utility analysis of hepatitis A prevention among health-care workers in Israel‏

Incidence trends of keratinocytic skin cancers and melanoma in Israel 2006–11‏

Peer Reviewed: Continuation With Statin Therapy and the Risk of Primary Cancer: A Population-Based Study‏

Potential impact and cost-effectiveness analysis of rotavirus vaccination of children in Israel‏

Hepatitis A virus seropositivity among hospital and community healthcare workers in Israel—the role of occupation, demography and socioeconomic background‏

Adiposity and risk of decline in glomerular filtration rate: meta-analysis of individual participant data in a global consortium‏

Relationships of H. pylori infection and its related gastroduodenal morbidity with metabolic syndrome: a large cross-sectional study‏

The association between the serum levels of uric acid and alanine aminotransferase in a population‐based cohort‏

Thrombosis following acute cytomegalovirus infection: a community prospective study‏

Evaluating the epidemiology and morbidity burden associated with human papillomavirus in Israel‏

In a population-based cohort of diabetes patients, men and women had similar risks for all-cause mortality‏

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